Success needs to be our ultimate goal, and leadership is its stepping stone. Here are ten guiding thoughts that will inspire you towards leadership.

1.     The difference between successors and followers is the difference between the co-pilot and passengers. Passengers are good guys but they’ll never fly the plane.

2.     Keys to success: Consistency and Steadfastness. Willingness to take the pain of learning is more critical than genius.

3.     Successors are those who want to succeed. They do more, sleep less, anticipate, prepare, inspire trust. They make no excuses.

4.     Everyone wants to be a successor but none wants to succeed. To take the pain, to be serious about learning, to accept mistakes, to work hard are pointers to success.

5.     I discovered the secret of success. It’s called Hard Work. Like my gym poster: Shut up and train. Ready anyone?

6.     Greater than greatness is the ability to recognize greatness. Worse than mediocrity is the tendency to be satisfied with mediocrity.

7.     Quality comes at a price. So does mediocrity. Guess which is more costly. Differentiate between cost and value. But that takes intelligence.

8.     Cost is a one time outflow. Value is the long term inflow. Sacrificing quality for cost is like choosing the cheapest doctor for cancer.

9.     Expertise demands investment. I worked for 12 yrs without pay and paid my own costs to learn training. Anyone ready?

10.  No pain no gain is not only for body building but much more for mind building. If you know a magic formula for expertise tell me.

By Mirza Yawar Baig

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