Be a man.In a public place  locate any female that is within 20 meters from you and start staring at her boobs, ass, thighs…

Vulgar sounds and cat calls are the best way to grab an Indian woman’s attention. 

stupid indian men say The UNREAL Indian Man

 Staring at her body parts – boobs, thighs and ass make her feel sexy … 

dekh le indian men The UNREAL Indian Man

 Stalking  her as she walks to work or home is sure to lead to sex…

parineeti chopra in hasee toh phasee movie 8 The UNREAL Indian Man

 If she starts walking faster then she really likes you and can’t ignore your good looks and charm.

indian men shahid kapoor The UNREAL Indian Man

 Find her on Facebook and send a friend request with a dirty message…

omi vaidya silencer chatur 3 idiots The UNREAL Indian Man

 While waiting for the bus stand close to her and try touching her “accidentally”. Groping is such a turn on….

glee cast standing in line The UNREAL Indian Man

Never put a woman in the driving seat –  Women really like angry and drunk men to be in control. 

indian men driving The UNREAL Indian Man

Be sexist -Indian women love being second class citizens.

Kapil Sharma Baba ji Ka Thulu The UNREAL Indian Man

Punch or strike her when you get the chance. Show her you are a real man. Women love a man to be “in charge”. 

Akshay Kumar The UNREAL Indian Man

By: Editorial Team – Inspired By Various

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