A piece of land that had been a source of continuous conflicts in Mathura since 2014 has now finally turned out to be deadly, killing 22 civilians & 2 cops.

A tumultuous night befell upon the city of Mathura when the Thursday night broke out with a break of violent commotion between the police and encroachers. Resultantly, two cops and 22 civilians lost their lives. Additional 22 were admitted in hospital with injuries. Also, the arsenal of arms was seized from the spot.

mathura violence police salutes 3 480x330 What Led To The Deadly Violence In Mathura?

There’s a piece of land named Jawahar Nagar that instigated an outrageous conflict between government authorities and armed activists. The land is reportedly under the Uttar Pradesh government and since 2014, the govt. authorities have been  endeavouring to expel the activists out from their property.

The conflict is known to have incited by the spiritual guru, Jai Gurudev and his followers belonging to ‘Azad Bharat Vidhik Vaicharik Kranti Satyagrahi’, who have been practising ‘Dharna’ to get their demands addressed. Cancelling the elections for president and prime minister of India, replacing existing currency with ‘Azad Hind Fauj’ currency and receding down the price of petrol and diesel were few of the demands they revolted for. This ABVVKS group is spearheaded by Ram Vraksha Yadav.

mathura collage What Led To The Deadly Violence In Mathura?

Well, what stirred up the Thursday night violence is the sudden attack by encroachers at the police station with stones to which, the cops retaliated back with batons and tear gas. The vengeance brimmed among both the sides, not letting the war cease until the few were on death beds.

 By Prerna Daga

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