Know lesser known facts about Lord Hanuman! Read about his son Makardhwaja, his connection with Lord Shiva, Vayu and Kesari, the Monkey King

Sahara One has been telecasting Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali from past three years now, illustrating even the small aspects in the life of Lord Hanuman. Created and Directed by Prem Sagar, the son of Shri Ramanand Sagar, the show not only focuses the trials and tribulations of Lord Hanuman but also his life story right from his birth. Let us check some of the lesser known facts about Lord Hanuman here: 

Jai Jai Jai Bajrang Bali Sahara One 5 Lesser Known Facts About Lord Hanuman

1. Hanuman was Lord Shiva’s Incarnation

Anjana, a beautiful Apsara in celestial palace court of Lord Brahma was cursed by a sage that, the moment she fell in love she would become monkey faced. Brahma thought of helping her and she took birth on earth. Anjana met Kesari, the monkey king and they both married. Being an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, she kept on doing tapasya. Lord Shiva was impressed and she wished him to be her son so that she would be freed from the curse of the sage.  

Lord Hanuman Anjana Kesari facts 5 Lesser Known Facts About Lord Hanuman

Few days later, King Dasrath was performing Yagna after which the sage gave him a kheer to feed all his wives. A portion of Kaushlya, the elder wive’s kheer was snatched by a kite who flew all the way where Anjana was meditating. Lord Vayu (aka Pawan – Wind) on the signal of Lord Shiva kept the kheer in Anjana’s hand. Thinking it as Lord Shiva’s prasad Anjana ate it and thus was born Lord Shiva’s incarnation – Anjaneya the son of Anjana who is well known as Pawan Putra, the son of the Lord of Winds. Vayu’s other name was Maruti and so Hanuman is also called Maruti. 

2. The name Hanuman means Disfigured Jaw 

In Sanskrit Hanu means Jaw and man means disfigured so Hanuman means disfigured jaw. No wonder, Hanuman’s jaw as a kid was disfigured by none other than Lord Indra who had used his vajra (Thunderbolt) against Anjaneya, who took sun as a riped mango and even went to trace it up in the sky. It was here in the sky that Lord Indra had used his vajra which threw Anjaneya straight on the earth damaging his jaw forever.

Young Hanuman and Lord Surya Facts 5 Lesser Known Facts About Lord Hanuman Young Hanuman Chasing Sun

3. Hanuman Once Applied Sindoor All Over His Body for Lord Rama’s Long Life

When Hanuman saw Sita applying Sindoor (Vermillion) in her hair, he asked the reason for the same. Sita replied that it was for long life and well being of Lord Rama, her husband. Hanuman, the biggest devotee of Rama thought if a pinch of sindoor in the hair can increase the longevity of Lord Rama then why not apply on the entire body.

He then applied sindoor all over his body for Rama’s long life. Seeing this innocence and unmatched devotion of Hanuman, Lord Rama gave him a vardan (blessings) that whenever the name of devotion takes place, Hanuman’s name will be taken first. Also, whoever will pay respect to Hanuman on Tuesday, not only will his/her wishes come true but will also be dear to Lord Rama himself.

4. A Mighty Fish Conceived Hanuman’s Son Makar Dhwaja

Hanuman’s Son Makar Dhwaja was born to a mighty fish of the same name when Hanuman after burning the entire Lanka with his tail had dipped in the sea to cool off his body. It is said that his sweat was swallowed by the fish and thus was Makar Dhwaja conceived. The fish was caught by Ravana’s step brother Ahiravana who ruled Patal, the nether world. When Makar Dhwaja grew up, Ahiravana was impressed by his strength and virility. He then made him his soldier.

lesser known facts lord hanuman makardhwaj 1 5 Lesser Known Facts About Lord Hanuman

Hanuman had lost in a duel with Makar Dhwaja when he went to rescue Rama and Laxman whom Ahiravana had kidnapped. Later, Hanuman killed Ahiravana and made his son Makardhwaja, the king and left the place with Lord Rama and his brother Laxman. 

5. Hanuman Once Rejected Sita Maa’s Gift 

When Sita Maa gave Hanuman a beautiful pearl necklace as a gift he politely declined it saying he doesn’t accept anything that is devoid of Lord Rama’s name. To prove his point to Maa Sita, the ardent devotee also ripped off his chest. This was his dedication towards Lord Rama.

Lesser Known Facts Lord Hanuman 5 Lesser Known Facts About Lord Hanuman

By: Deepti Verma

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