Hinduism has always been vulnerable to mockeries, ridicules and controversies. Why? Because there’s no one to raise voice for it.

A man caught the neck of a pigeon to kill him but when the poor pigeon in extreme pain was struggling hard to free himself from the deadly grip then the man cried in agony, “How mischievous this bloody bird is, he is trying to bite me?”

This is the scenario which is in full display in India now. The left liberals who had a free run in bashing Hindus for their beliefs and traditions for decades are today quite enraged because they are now being questioned. Their prejudices and biases against the Hindu scriptures are openly being challenged. And there divisive mindsets are being exposed in front of millions of people.

So when Smriti Irani, the Union HRD minister, spoke with immense passion in Lok sabha on JNU & Hyderabad incidents with scores of facts and data then the entire opposition, unable to bear the truth, chose to walk out.

smriti irani rally Lethal Slogan Of Secularists: Hindutva Hell In Hindustan

The pseudo secular commentators did not have any facts to counter her truths so they attacked her saying that her speech was full with melodrama and theatrics. Many adjectives were used to deride her. She is being disliked since the time she became HRD minister because she acted as an ideal bahu in an Indian serial where she worshipped Hindu Gods and showed reverence for Hindu traditions. And how can India’s celebrated seculars like someone who like something which they dislike?

pseudo secularists Lethal Slogan Of Secularists: Hindutva Hell In Hindustan

And most importantly they do not like to be shown the mirror. So, when Smriti Irani read from a pamphlet which was circulated in JNU in which many derogatory words were used against Goddess Durga then they were very angry. “How could she dare to read it in front of whole nation? She should immediately seek forgiveness.”

The minister was merely reading from the pamphlet, she had not created it. So why did not the “secular leaders” condemn those who were behind this? And should not the people who prepared the pamphlet and circulated be charged with blasphemy law and put behind bars like Kamlesh Tiwari.  Why there are different rules for people belonging to different religion in India? Why M.F. Hussain drew obscene paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and did not touch the Gods of other religions?

mf hussain obscene painting Lethal Slogan Of Secularists: Hindutva Hell In Hindustan

Anyway for those who glorify terrorists – like Afzal Guru, Yakub Memon, Ajmal Kasab, Ishrat Jahan – it is not surprising if they are celebrating Mahishasur martyrdom day and calling Durga Puja the most controversial racial festival. They say, “Mahishasur was killed because he was dark skinned.” Poor fellow forgot that Lord Krishna is also dark so he is called Shyamsundar!

The strategy of the leftist academicians who has vice like grip over academic institution is to impregnate the impressionable mind with hatred against the Vedic literature which is revered by millions of Hindus across the globe.

Their divisive agenda was laid bare open by Smriti Irani when she began reading from the book which was authored by controversial activists Teesta Setalvad and commissioned by Kapil Sibal for Class 4 and Class 6 students.

In the book, class 4 students are taught to make sentence using the word “arrive” as: “When a Sikh arrived in Delhi, he was killed by a Hindu”. So a small kid is taught since beginning that Hindus are killers. So shocking! In fact the Minster informed the house that “NCERT had warned not to distribute these books” but their opposition was overlooked. She further said, “This committee (which also had a Mulsim Vice Chancellor) was enraged when the name suggested intention and action – Allah zarmeen Pakistan, Hindutva hell in Hindustan.” The book intends to teach the kids that Hindus are ruthless people who are creating hell in Hindustan. So, is it surprising that when the students grows up and enters college they chant slogans like, “Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak Jung Rahegi” and they get support from those quarters who propagate such hatred against India, against Hindus?

JNU Anti Inida slogans Lethal Slogan Of Secularists: Hindutva Hell In Hindustan

The opposition, the left academicians, the “secular” media and the award wapsi brigade had thought that the JNU row will turn tide against the BJP led government. However it seems that the more this issue is being discussed gorier truths are coming out of the closet much to the chagrin of the Hindu bashing “seculars”. After being thoroughly exposed they are as of now on back foot but soon they will resort to their time tested strategy and will play the victim (communal) card. So we should not be surprised when in few days the news all over India will be about: Minorities are being attacked. Churches are being desecrated. Intolerance is rising. And the award wapsi brigades are returning their leftover awards.

But will they again succeed? Seems unlikely because the people of this country cannot be fooled again and again.


By Purushottam Kumar

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