I understand the reasons why you wish for Modi’s style of good governance, but AAP can deliver Swaraj in a better way

Dear Capitalist Friends,

I understand the reasons why you wish for Narendra Modi‘s style of good governance. Your objective is to earn and live a very comfortable lifestyle and have more frequent holidays in the western world. That’s alright.but what you may not understand is that Aam Aadmi Party‘s is promising you that same holiday experience in your own city, by implementing Swaraj, self rule.

If you wish for an elevated walkway, a 24 hours pub, cheap parking near the malls, very good traffic conditions between your home and office, flawless power lines, clean and wide footpaths, bright street lights, and extremely safe jogger friendly streets all through the day and all through the night.

All this has to be your and your neighbors decision. Not in the assembly, or in the parliament. All that is just as much possible if you believe.

That is Swaraj. AAP does not want to come to power to become powerful but to make all of its citizens equally powerful.

By Swaraj, not just your own lives will change, but more importantly, the lives of the 80% of our citizens (who we never see) will also change. Believe it or not, outside our shining metro cities, our fellow citizens have been living under dictatorship-like governments. Their stories are absolutely never reported to us. Is it fair to dictate to them where to live, what food to eat, what schools they go or if they don’t go at all, whether their nearest hospital is 5km away or 50 km from their homes? The luxurious metropolitan life we all live in, hides from us that most of our fellow citizens have questions none of us want to talk about. Is being an Indian mean being selfish to this extent?

All that the government (and media) does – is show us metropolitan citizens that everything around us is very good and comfortable. And then we just about believe everything. So our democracy is practiced by controlling the lives of 80% of our fellow citizens who we never see and controlling the minds of the rest 20% of us who live a comfortable and careless life. This is not democracy.

This is why AAP aims to change the system we are made to like or think about. We change it in a way we can express ourselves, make our own choices, live healthy, peacefully and happily with everyone. That is the only objective of Aam Aadmi Party.

Please make a wise choice this time.

Thank you.

Vikas Yadav

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