A young mother writes a letter to her one year old child. This is the first in the series…and she shares some essential pointers on life for her young one.

A young mother writes a letter to her one year old child. This is the first in the series…and she shares some essential pointers on life for her young one.

Dearest Ridhiema,

I am writing these letters to you. You will read these when you will be a little older, little wiser to understand. These are my experiences that I want you to learn. But I leave it your judgement to agree or disagree. Beta, these letters are in public domain. I hope you won’t mind that.

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1. Come out clean

This is a fact of life. We all mess up. All of us. Always. There is some mud clinging that we all have gone through atleast once in our lives. But how you live your life post that will make you the person you are will build your character. No matter what you have done and what you are, the moment you know it, just get up and do the clean up act. By cleaning up, I mean telling the truth to yourself, why are you here and what brought you here. And finally owing up and taking the first step out of it. Beta you might feel lost. You might feel you do not know where to go. But trust me, you take the first step and God will show you the second and third and fourth step, will you come out of it. You just need to take that first step.

People will laugh at you in this process. Do not blame them. Do not stop even then. Do whatever it takes- to get up and come clean from that mess. If it involves more money- earn it, acquring new talent- learn it. Just do whatever it takes and do not get stuck. Getting stuck might make you a bitter person. You might fall in the process. But every time you fall, stand up and come clean, This is how we find new happiness, better life and fulfilled dreams. Beta, at the end of it, it will be worth the hard work.

2. Notice people’s behaviour

Some times people change. Friends, lovers, colleagues, relatives. They do. Without any reason but they do. But keep a tab on their behaviour. Nobody should mistreat you. Fights are okay in a relationship. Be honest and critical in your relationship but do not let anyone abuse you in any way- emotionally, mentally, physically. In case anyone does that, either they do not love you or are disgusting. Leave them in both the cases. You are too precious to be treated badly.

Ridhiema Letters to My Child   1

3. Being broke is no fun

By the time you reach your late twenties or early thirties, and you still are broke financially, emotionally or mentally, there is something seriously wrong. If you can not get the basic amenities for yourself and/ or emotionally turbulent most of the times, it is not cool. It shows the unstability of your life. Go back then, learn the basics. You must learn to take care of yourself, financially and emotionally.

4. Either people want you or do not want you

I learnt it the hard way, after a lot of falls. This is the simplest fact of any relationship. People want you or not. You are worth a lot of love. And if anyone refuses, leave the person with your head high. Period.

5. Read. A lot

Beta the past is always written in words. When you read, you learn. And when you learn, you grow. If you do not want to read books, use internet. But read something every day. When you will read, you will learn you are never alone who is going through a particular situation.

Ridhiema1 Letters to My Child   1

6. Life shows up. Stay positive

This is the beauty of life. If you stay positive, life will show up. You stay strong, life will treat you with the right thing at the right time. If anything is troubling you, take note, get up and work it out. People will guide you. Some will misguide you. Use your judgement and remember, you will have to do the work. Do it beta. Face it. And life will reward you. The world is all yours.

This is for now. I will write to you again when I will have more stories, more conversations, more experiences and more perspective.

By Garima Mahajan


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