Know why you should do not miss watching Liar’s Dice – India’s Official Entry in the 87th Academy Awards – Oscars 2015

The nomination for Oscars brings out lot of flak every year in India as controversies explode over India’s entry at the Academy Awards. This year too was no different. Though we can’t complain this year, as we had joke too in the form of ‘Youngistaan’

liars dice poster Why Liars Dice   Indias Official Entry to the Oscars Is a Must Watch Film

This year India’s choice at the 87th Academy Awards is (was?) Liar’s Dice for the Best Foreign Language Film category. Yet another low-budget but brilliant movie, it is neither popular nor heard and/or watched by many Indians. Though the movie missed being in the Final 9, it still deserves a ‘dekho.’ Here are the reasons why –

The Film deals with the after effects Of disappearance of ‘Migrant Workers’ in Metropolitan Cities

For many of us the sudden disappearance of migrant workers is just news or statistics. But, it has a lasting effect on the family to those who have to bear this sudden disappearance. This is the reason why Geetu Mohandas, made her debut Hindi Film on ‘migrant workers’ where Kamla (Geetanjali Thappa) despite the protest of others set for a road trip along with her daughter Manya (Manya Gupta) and her pet goat in search of her husband who is a day laborer in Delhi, missing from 5 months. A damsel in distress, she is troubled by Truck Drivers on the road, where a man named Nawazuddin (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) helps her. However, she doesn’t know who the mysterious helper is – A genuine guy or a con man.

liars dice oscar entry Why Liars Dice   Indias Official Entry to the Oscars Is a Must Watch Film

The Equilibrium of Drama and Reality is Well Maintained

A deserter Nawazuddin meets the Tribal Woman Kamla from Indo Tibetian border and even makes a deal with her of Rs 500 (Rs 200 in advance) to help her reach her husband’s place in Delhi. However, as they cross the hills from the small village called Chitkul and reach the urban area, she sees the helper changing his avatar – Will he really help her is a million dollar question which nobody knows.

nawazuddin siddiqui liars dice Why Liars Dice   Indias Official Entry to the Oscars Is a Must Watch Film

Right from the Beginning, the Cinematography of the Movie Captivates the Viewers

Set in the valleys of Himachal Pradesh, the opening scene of the movie is so mesmerizing that it captivates the mind of the viewers immediately. No wonder Rajeev Ravi (also the husband of the director Geetu Mohandas) bagged a National Award for it. The excellent photography further accentuates the movie where the trio – Kamla, her daughter and the stranger looks perfect in the setting.

It Is Set Against the Socio- political Background of the Current India

From Bollywood movies like Queen, Mary Kom, Mardaani, 2 States, to high contenders like Shahid, Citylights, Ankhon Dekhi and Marathi Film Fandry, Liar’s Dice defeated all the 30 Films to become India’s official entry in the Best Foreign Film Category at the Oscars 2015. No wonder, this movie set against the alarming background of socio political conditions of present day India, focuses the anger against the system and plight of the ordinary village dwellers.

liars dice india Why Liars Dice   Indias Official Entry to the Oscars Is a Must Watch Film

The Film Bagged Two National Awards, 1 International Award and was Selected for Screening at International Film Festivals

The movie was first premiered in Mumbai Film Festival (MMF) on October 5th, 2013, following which it was chose for screening at the Sundance Film Festival, New York Indian Film Festival and also at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Next, at 18th Sofia International Film Festival, Liar’s Dice won a special jury award. In India, the film bagged two National Awards – Best Actress (Geetanjali Thappa) and Best Cinematography (Rajeev Ravi). The recognition at so many International Film festival only emphasizes the movie’s glory.

liars dice national awards Why Liars Dice   Indias Official Entry to the Oscars Is a Must Watch Film

A film well made, Liar’s Dice is definitely a must watch movie! So what, if it diced out the Oscar race!

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