The lousy politics of UP during election is no suprise. But, isn’t Congress’ alliance with SP the salvage for the doomed Congress?

The recent activities of S.P and congress’ move are very laudable. First, there was a tug of war between father and son which lasted a few weeks  Later, it was clear that it was only a gimmick created by Mulayam, a riped and crooked political leader. His intention was to gather majority of votes for his party by staging a drama, so that no other party could win due to splitting of  votes between father and son combination and other parties. But the son having less confidence to win the election, negotiated a deal with the rusted congress .
 cong sp 1 To Ride On Cycle Is The Only Lifeline For Congress
Congress was facing a do or die situation and realising that this election was the final death knell agreed to all the terms of Cycle party. Though, it is not certain for this combination to win the election. Congress was frantic to stage a come back to prove their existence by getting even minimum number of wins.
The existing leaders were found to be ineffective to influence the voters.
congress sp alliance1 To Ride On Cycle Is The Only Lifeline For Congress
The party decided to bring an attractive campaigner Priyanka to this battle field. It is therefore, to be presumed that congress and SP believe that the beauty of a woman can capture many votes than the policies,manifestos and functions. These parties are trying to exploit the psychological mind set up of people in U.P. by showing a woman in electoral arena. Needless to mention, attrocities on women are very high in U.P.    
By CL Pathy
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