“Like a Girl” – Why is it not a compliment? It should be. Watch this video to know more

When they say Oh, you fight like a girl or that You run like a girl, this denotes certain characteristic actions or attitudes that are held in poor esteem.  When they say ये क्या लड़कियों की तरह रो रहे हो?, this again is a derogatory observation that suggests that it’s not OK to be girl-like; that it is necessary to aspire to be somehow be better. ‘Like a girl’ is supposed to indicate vanity or preoccupation with looks; or a lack of strength.

Whatch this revealing video, to understand that we are not born this way. Young girls see themselves as no different than the boys; certainly there is no comprehension of any implied inferiority. Why does society pin these labels on us: “Like a Girl” or even “Like a Boy”?

The next time you tell your son to “be a man” or say “like a girl” in a belittling manner, give it a thought… are you not perpetuating gender stereotypes? You may not mean to do this, but you may unknowingly be responsible for furthering gender  stereotypes that are insidious and harmful and which cement certain negative attitudes in young minds.

The next time you say “like a girl” or “लड़कियों की तरह” let that mean “With compassion, with incredible strength and fortitude; with a limitless ability to love and be loved”.

By – Reena Daruwalla

Video courtesy – Always

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