Lingaa, the latest release from super superstar Rajinikanth was released to coincide with his birthday. Did fans go crazy? They did indeed!

What the Latest Movie Release from India’s Top Superstar Meanslingaa poster LINGAA & RAJINIKANTH

  1. Lingaa, Rajinikanth’s, latest movie released yesterday, 12 December 2014. For Rajini fans, this is an event that is looked forward to with an extraordinary amount of anticipation, an event to be celebrated, feted and enjoyed like no other. Movie reviews and critical reception become an irrelevancy when you speak of a Rajinikanth movie release.
  2. The movie is ‘two good’ – people can never have enough of Rajini so we have two Rajinis in the movie, a typical story of the triumph of good vs evil and a larger than life Rajini saving the day in his own inimitable, widely adored style.
  3. Lingaa is particularly special because its release date was scheduled to coincide with the super-superstar’s birthday on 12 December, so the celebratory mood of the diehard Rajini fan is obviously redoubled this time around.
  4. So what if the heroines are half his age or less (the female lead Anushka Shetty is 33 and Sonakshi Sinha is 27 to Rajini’s 64 years), no one cares! So what if it’s an obvious wig that covers that unashamedly bald pate, this is India’s top superstar we’re talking about here. His first films after Enthiran or Robot (Kochadaiiyaan doesn’t count because it wasn’t a real Rajini, only an animated one), so Rajini fans are in full celebratory mode!
  5. The movie may have received a lukewarm critical response, but even the critics cannot stop themselves gushing over the “Superstar’s non-diminishing charisma“. The scale of production and the superstar’s own charisma and comic flair are given a thumbs-up by critics even as they otherwise pan the movie. (Source – Times)
  6. For fans, the event was extra special – cutting cakes, huge cutouts of the superstar, pouring milk over posters (something called the Milk-Abhishek), watching shows back to back, and even distributing clothes to the poor are just some of the things fans do when you have a Rajini release on a Rajini birthday! (Source – HT)
  7. malasian rajini fan LINGAA & RAJINIKANTHOne Malaysian fan had this tattooed on his back:
  8. rajinikanth fans 640x480 41418369266 LINGAA & RAJINIKANTHA Rajinikanth film causes a stir far and wide not just in Tamil Nadu, not just in South India. Reportedly, Rajini fans have arrived all the way from Japan to watch the film – apparently watching a Rajni film in Rajini land is an experience like no other. The fans’ Rajini t-shirts and Lingaa placards in the shape of hand fans were also much in evidence. (source – NDTV)
  9. And what about us poor souls who understand not a word of Tamil but want in on the magical mystery tour that is a Rajini release? Well there is a subtitled version for those of us who want to watch the movie – apparently the subtitles are the real hero of Lingaa!


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