Where and how did the names of exotic liquors and cocktails originate?

I told myself, once I retire, I can enjoy my afternoon siesta and then set out after sundown ‘pub hopping’, and little did I realize that I could convert my ‘pub hopping’, into a profitable avocation. Writing reviews for those glossy food and beverage magazines on a niche subject, nobody had ever thought of before: Where and how did the names of exotic liquors originate? Some you might know and others you will be hearing for the first time.

Let’s begin:

Bloody Mary

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The name originated from Paris, but the Americans have laid claim and trace the name to a waitress named Mary who worked at a Chicago bar called the Bucket of Blood.I am only guessing, but when Dracula walks into a bar, he would want his drink served ‘neat’.

Jungle Juice

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Here are several popular explanations regarding the origin of the name. It is claimed that the name came from the drink’s potency, causing an extreme state of inebriation and thus causing the drinker to exhibit animal-like behavior. I think most alcoholics do so, after having one too many.

The Earthquake

Earthquake From Workaholic To Alcoholic

The Tremblement de Terre (or “Earthquake”) Cocktail has been attributed to the French Post-Impressionist painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. The name is derived from its effects, which tend to “shake up” the drinker.Who knows someday soon a bartender may invent a cocktail named “TheTsunami”.

The Irish Car Bomb also called The Belfast Car Bomb

Irish Car Bomb From Workaholic To Alcoholic

Originated from Ireland, associated with the uprising there, I’m not a historian in that sense, but what I do know is “to make the drink, whiskey is floated on top of Irish Cream in a shot glass, and the shot glass is then dropped into the stout. Once mixed, it must be drunk quickly because it will curdle”. The Indian equivalent to that would be a drink called the “The Naxalite Ambush”.
The Molotov cocktail: Sorry, will not be able to give you the recipe, it’s banned under section 123456789 of the Indian Drinking Act, 1857.

The Corpse Reviver

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The Corpse Reviver families of cocktails are intended to bring you back from the dead; sorry that should read, get you to wake up after you’ve had a hangover. As they say in advertisements, don’t you ever try this cocktail? Seek expert advice first.

The Screwdriver

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Origins – In the dimly lighted bar of the sleek Park Hotel, Turkish intelligence agents mingle with American engineers and Balkan refugees, drinking the latest Yankee concoction of vodka and orange juice, called a ‘screwdriver’. Wow, I thought this was right out of the Spy vs Spy in Mad comics. Not the common hardware tool the “screwdriver”.

The Three Wise Men

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The name of the Three Wise Men cocktail is derived from the recipe, which blends three types of whiskey together.This cocktail should have been named the Three Wise Monkeys instead. Plus the not so wise who drink it.

Pizza Beer

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Created in 2006, the beer has the “essence of pizza” it’s a filtered malty concoction, made by hand-chopping the hundreds of pounds of wheat crust, garlic, oregano, tomato, and basil. This beer is to be drunk along with your favorite Pizza. I think we Indians should come with our own patented versions; such as, Vada-Pav Beer; Bhel-Puri Beer and Pakoda Beer, to name a few.


Churchill Cocktail From Workaholic To Alcoholic

Recipe is a secret, known only to MI5, originated when Joe Gilmore the trainee bartender at The Savoy Hotel’s American Bar, made a mixer to commemorate Sir Winston Churchill’s ninetieth birthday.

Moon Walk

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Created in 1969 to mark the first moon landing. The cocktail was the first drink the American astronauts had when they returned to Earth. A letter of thanks was later sent from Neil Armstrong to the bartender Joe Gilmore. This cocktail is not to be confused with Michael Jackson’s famous MOONWALK dance steps in which “he moves backwards while appearing to walk forwards”. Now I know the secret of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk dance, he took several pegs of this famous cocktail before he went on stage to perform.

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This is only the first part of my series of reviews, watch this space for more.
By the way, I’m the most sought after ‘Liquor Historian’ in town and a regular at all Page 3 parties.


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