Lisa Haydon’s screen presence in Queen just explodes with her raw yet restrained sex appeal and powerful acting

I was blown away  the moment Lisa Haydon appeared on screen while watching the acclaimed movie Queen.lisa haydon show stopper hot lakmefashionweek 2014 Lisa Haydon   Not Just a Hot Bod

Lisa’s screen presence just explodes with her raw yet restrained sex appeal and powerful acting. She plays the part of  a liberated woman leading a fun life and at the same time is a responsible single mother holding down a job in the city of Paris.

lisa haydon kingfisher calender party white dress killer abs Lisa Haydon   Not Just a Hot Bod

Just as described in the movie Lisa is of mixed parentage – her father Indian from Chennai and her mother is Australian. Lisa as Vijay Lakshmi in the movie enamored audiences with her infectious  joie-de-verve who takes the protagonist (Kangana Ranaut) on a road to self discovery in the most sensitive and loving manner.

lisa haydon picstitch hot model actor Lisa Haydon   Not Just a Hot Bod Lisa’s portrayal of this friend and guide was exemplary – made you want to respect an recognize woman for choosing to lead life independently and on their own terms – which is not always the easier road taken.

Lisa Haydon is a model turned actress. Born in India she  has lived in the United Sates, Australia and now back in her home country since 2007.

lisa haydon beautiful actor model event  Lisa Haydon   Not Just a Hot Bod

Lisa is one of eight siblings – five sisters and three brothers and comes form a loving, tightly knit family who all live together with the exception of one brother who lives in Australia. Her father is an accompolished professional and her dynamic Australian mother –  a philanthropist, who has worked with mother Teresa’s charity, and  in her youth hiked in the himalayas and for many years lived the quintesential hippie life.

All of the beauty, passion, acceptance and love that Lisa  portrayed in Queen – Probably reflects who she really is …

lisa haydon actor model red carpet white dress  Lisa Haydon   Not Just a Hot Bod

By Richa Kaura


Image Source: IANS

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