The shut debate has once again been welcomed by the apex court of our country. Is freedom, this time, meeting the destiny of LGBT community?

Years back in 2013, a debate to repeal the article 377 was looked down by the bench. Since time immemorial, those born with this gender-manufacturing defect have been a part of the shunned sect of our society. Can 2016 set them free of the societal shackles around them?

homosexuals Lit Hope Within The LGBT Community

We all are souls, irrespective of the gender you are tagged with. Then, why not accept these pristine souls in the way they have evolved? Well, to propagandize my views on this, I feel, since the majority of the population belong to the so-called straight category, the other half, which is relatively the minority, is segregated as abnormal species. Had the reality been reverse, who knows, being heterosexuals might have turned out oppressive.

article 377 india homosexuality Lit Hope Within The LGBT Community

Homosexuality is an ingrained feature in an individual and if such trait inclines one towards someone of same sex, what crime do they commit? It is so natural of them. Why is the society poking in the naturalness they are born with?

Lips labelled as ‘M’? Lips labelled as ‘F’? Oh, perfect. Now, the two fit in the eligibility criteria set by the judiciary. Hence, go ahead and lock them. Reverse one label and the climax reverses too. I wish, the Supreme Court, soon, sews up a new happy climax for the freedom-thirsty LGBT community.

By Prerna Daga


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