The 2014 Lok Sabha Polls are going to be unique in their own way and different from any other parliamentary election India has recorded. It’s thus time the people of India voted more responsibly.

The 2014 Parliament Poll is going to be held with difference after independence in different ways. This is the first time the central government has been claimed to be involved in so many corruption cases. Anger of the common people against price rise, corruption, indecisiveness, week foreign policy etc. is explicitly visible. The popularity of the central government is at lowest ebb. PM contenders like Modi, Rahul, & Kejriwal have clean images. A record number of young new voters have been added into the voters’ list. It is high time for us to vote only those who have clean images & high integrity irrespective of political parties they belong. We should teach a lesson to corrupt & goonda politicians. As has been done in Delhi election giving support to AAP,  votes should be given to honest politicians. It is essential that we must cast our votes in the election to choose a good government.

By Dinesh Mishra

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