Chidambaram should first answer questions about his own performance before accusing Narendra Modi.

What is Your own past decade record ? Mr Chidamambaram

As a Finance minister of this country…are you not  responsible, answerable and accountable for allowing the loot of this country ?

We hear everyday in the media, IT raids, Sales Tax raids on many people, but never heard  raids on politicians who after joining politics, in five years become  billionaires ? Did you ever wonder about this phenomena? Did you ever think, the corruption by political class, and babus needs to be probed? Investigated ? Because my country is being looted?

We see kingdoms established by many politicians, family Dynasty’s. They are never coming under the Finance ministries scanner ? Are they all protected, privileged class for the Finance Ministry? Some of them have become filthy rich by remaining in politics for ages. how do they justify their assets in millions? Recent case of Laloo Prasad of 1000 crores Fodder scam is a only a Tip of the iceberg.  You and your party have been quiet for 17 long years?

As a finance minister, the alleged corrupt ministers bank accounts, assets, we have never heard, been probed? Is it some kind of understanding between politicians? That I keep quiet, You keep quiet?

We recently read in the media, an ordinary government officer was found with cash of over 50 crores at his home? We can imagine, from this huge catch, how much the minister must have received ? And now it is all getting exposed.  2G scam, CWG scam, Coalgate scam, AugustaWestland Chopper scam, Fodder scam. All those ministers involved in the national loot surely must have made fortunes for themselves, their families and friends. With whose blessings?

And should all of these corrupt people who misuse and abuse public powers,  do you think not be probed ?

The Finance Minister, is never concerned about politicians, making money by misusing their powers, all those ministers holding important lucrative portfolios, bureaucrats, government officials are minting money and the Finance minister Mr Chidamambaram remains just  a mute spectator? Does he not own any responsibility?

The finances of this country are squandered, looted, people of this country are cheated by their ministers, many ministers are convicted and gone in the prisons and many are tried in the courts for their corrupt practices.

All this while, was the Finance Minister Chidamabaram, watching it as a spectator?

Today, he is talking against Narendra Modi, when he himself is in the dock for allowing the dishonest ministers to loot this country´s finances under his custody. He has to answer a lot to people of India on this loot as a Finance Minister.

What is he trying to do? Diverting the attention of the people from his own failures?

Do these corrupt politicians think, they can fool people all the time. Chidamabaram as a finance minister has proved to be the disastrous FM this country got. He has totally failed to prove his own competence as economists. He needs to answer a lot to this nation for…. Rupee fall, huge Current Account Deficit, why citizens are buying onions for 80 Rs kg, sugar for 45 Rs kg, Vegetables for 70 Rs kg, Petrol for 85 Rs ltr ?

As a finance Minister of this country, who acts as a custodian of the public money, has he ever tried to get black money back of the politicians from foreign banks?

Of course, we the people know how ministers, their families and friends are involved in corruption and looting this country for last 60 years.  Mr FM, Why are you talking about Narendra Modi ? Why don’t you talk of your own corrupt ministers ?

Why don’t you talk about Praful Patel and his party who destroyed Air India and Indian Air Lines ? Don’t we know how they all made money from these Air Lines and left it to bleed ? The corruption in Air India and Indian airlines is exposed in the media by aviation experts many times. And still more and more funds are pumped in to promote Air India ? Is that not a huge scam which is happening under your nose?

The latest deal of Jet airways with Alitihad Airlines of  UAE was finalized in 2 days by you, the aviation minister and the PM under suspicious terms and conditions. It is going to result into heavy loses for our national carrier Air India. Media is already exposing it and alleging this to be another big fraud. What do you have to say about it?

How did you and Prime Minister allow such a deal that undermines national interest? Why did you not stop it? What was your interest in getting it all approved in 2 days by the Prime Minister??

If as a Finance Minister, you don’t understand who is looting this country, you should be the First suspect as a party to this loot with other ministers in Congress ministry.

How is it that you did not know in Fodder scam, Laloo and his cronies minted 1000 crores ? Why do you think we the people of India should not question your past records before questioning Narendra Modi?

How is that Coalgate scam, West-land Helicopter scam, as a finance minister, you are not accountable? You may be also a party in this loot? Why Not? Because you have never uttered a word against any of the corrupt ministers who got exposed in the scams ?

So first answer this nation on your own past record in governance before raising questions about Narendra Modi. You have lost any moral right to question Narendra Modi`s past. It will not be exaggeration, if citizens allege that,  all of you in the governance  are party in the national loot? Congress and its all alliance partners.

First, present your own past records. Your performance records. And then we will talk about Narendra Modi.

But please, do not take us for granted and think we are all fools. In 2014, people will give you a fitting reply to your arrogance and corruption.

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