Geeta.13 years back, got separated from her mother ‘India’, but to land on the safe mother-like lap of Pakistan. Geeta’s tragic story could end well at last

The anecdote of India’s-lost Geeta, as to me, fairly bears resemblance to two-mother son Lord Krishna. Each, barring none under the umbrella of mankind, is acquainted to the fact that the fortunateness of women-adored Krishna was his upbringing under the two motherly shadows. ‘One’, ‘Devki’, his birth-mother and ‘other’, ‘Yasoda’, the foster-mother. And Geeta’s ‘one’ being ‘India’ and the ‘other’, ‘Pakistan’. This juxtaposition is what my mind carved out, however, that doesn’t necessarily seek for green light from others.

geeta india pakistan Like Lord Krishna, Geetas Two Mothers Are India & Pakistan

Untouched from the protective ‘aanchal’ of her mother for 13 years, Geeta must have hungered for it with every single tick of clock. But perhaps, to pacify this home-hunger of her’s; to bring about a joyous bend around her smile-forgotten lips; to let her pass the chants of ‘Ram’ in the Allah-saturated air; and what else not befell to her cure ,beyond our expanse of expectations, that the mother-like-figure ‘Pakistan’ mustn’t have done for this India’s daugther, ‘Geeta’. To illuminate the story brighter, it is Pakistan’s Edhi Foundation, a social-welfare organization operated by Abdul Sattar EdhiPeter Oborne, who made a documentary on the Edhi foundation, proclaimed Abdul Sattar Edhi  a ‘living saint’. What other than Peter’s two words can be more befitting for this social trailblazer?

modi geeta1 Like Lord Krishna, Geetas Two Mothers Are India & Pakistan

‘Geeta’ was not brought into light until the fictional protagonist ‘Munni’ came into virtual existence by dint of the movie ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. So, somewhere behind the Geeta’s re-found-smile is Kabir Khan too without whose direction, may be, the matter, like most of the matters, would have died away in the usual din. But, no psyche greater than ‘Edhi’ bears the real credit to have doted on Geeta so tenderly since 13 years.

abdul sattar edhi Like Lord Krishna, Geetas Two Mothers Are India & Pakistan

Abdul Sattar Edhi has been a godsend to not just Geeta but countless. His orphanages don’t-know caress for how-many unfortunates. His fervor for the welfare of the society could make him save some 35,000 abandoned babies. He and his wife ‘Bilquis Edhi’ in true words are the messengers of god, striving untiringly to make earth a better place to be on.

india pakistan politics diplomacy Like Lord Krishna, Geetas Two Mothers Are India & Pakistan

Withal, iconic figure Sushma Swaraj too is the credit-worthy honcho to have brought Geeta back. For her activeness in dealing foreign affairs has always paid off. There happens to exist arsenal of names who were rendered Sushma’s help in foreign countries. ‘Geeta’ is just an addition to her laudable achievements.

To not sound consent with that what happened to Geeta, but with ‘Edhi’, what I can proudly say is that such  Geeta-like stories will never have a painful climax until present is ‘Edhi Foundation’ Kudos for it!


By Prerna Daga 

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