Once a seat of advanced education, now where is the lost glory of Bihar? Inspite of the fact that the country boasts of most of its IITians and UPSC rank holders from this place what measures are being taken to enhance education?

“Guru Gov ind dono khare kaku lagu paon balihari guru apne jin govind dio batay.” It was the tradition in our society till the late seventies-the decades of the last century. All colleges universities are  still there; rather it has increased in numbers but where we have lost our glory? Times have changed and the universities have seen their utmost detrimental state. What are the probable reasons behind it? Can we not regain our lost glory? Pertinent queries remain.

9image Lost Glory of Education in Bihar & Jharkhand.

Bihar was once the seat of glorious education system especially in the ancient time. The emergence and global popularity of Nalanda University still glorifies Bihar with it’s past affluence. And looking at the current situation of Bihar, ia m filled with pain and several questions keep haunting me. Education runs in my vein. Basically as I started my career as an Asst Professor, I still keep treating myself as a teacher. I  have had  tried to find out the possible answers for the thin status and the current condition of education. Once it was a golden era for Bihar Education system.  Patna Science College, Patna University, Ranchi St. Xavier’s college, Sindri Eng. College, Patna & Darbhanga medical colleges were few among many to be mentioned here which were known not in the country for its quality education but in aboard too. Where is the glory now?

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St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi.

There is no dearth of talent in this part of the country. The proof is handy when one witnesses the results of UPSC and IIT. Again a chunk of scientists, educationists, Doctors IITians everywhere have their roots implanted at Bihar & Jharkhand and they have established their identity at national & international levels. But the sorry status of education still continues to be a part of education in this part of the country. Students as well as professionals are migrating in search of quality education and jobs. The reasons traced are many. Some of the major may be summed up as: Political interference, Reservation in teaching faculty, nationalization of schools & colleges, migration of talented students, lack of infrastructure, lack of job opportunity, nonrecognition of talents, etc.

IN04 NALANDA1 156597f Lost Glory of Education in Bihar & Jharkhand.

Nalanda University, an ancient seat of learning destroyed in 1193, is poised for revival.

Recently I had the opportunity to deliver talks among the Professors of different faculty & different university of Bihar Jharkhand & Chhatishgarh, As soon as i started talking in English, some comments hit my ear instantaneously to deliver the same in Hindi. It is not that I am against Hindi, but among university teachers such slogan has certainly raised the question marks about their quality. After all, we reach global audience by the dint of English! Later on during my two days of interaction with them i found out that the quality was of the lowest to be precise. 
However, no cloud is devoid of a silver lining and with a hopeful heart, i do believe, that the condition can be improved if the government, teachers, students’ guardians and parents all do think unitedly and unanimously to improve. We can & we must do for the sake of education and revival of lost glory, if we want to survive when knowledge is bombarded every day with new researches and methods.

By Dr Dinesh Mishra

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