A short story inspired by the heart-wrenching story of Aylan, the Syrian toddler whose body was washed ashore in Turkey, after he drowned.

The Lost Spirit is a short story inspired by the heart-wrenching story of Aylan, the Syrian toddler whose body was washed ashore in Turkey, after he drowned along with his mother and brother tragically, trying to cross over to Europe as a refugee!

Aylan Syrian Child The Lost Spirit

It was the garden of spirits. Full of all kinds of wonders and happenings. There was emptiness and so was matter. There was darkness and so was light. Above all in the center of this place which seemed to be abundant with infinite proportions, was seated the ultimate spirit, the “Main-one”. It contained the omnipresent self, and the root of all energy. To the unrealized eye it looked like a blinding light of unseen intensity. But around it were all sort of little spirits and energies playing, chatting and moving around in joy, with a feeling of blissful content, as if they never knew what sorrow was. There were several galaxies and universes floating around as if it was a symphony of lights.

But one thing that seemed prominent in this free flowing place was a universe of sorts which was placed beside the root spirit of energy who was the pivot of this whole. A small spirit of energy called “chatty” was playing around in the vicinity. Now this form of energy chatted around a lot with its friends and was of the curious sorts. The blue light emitted by the universe placed beside the “Main-one”, always roused its interest and it would always whisper to its friends as to what it might be containing. “Why is it always so close to him? Is it that dear to him?” said Chatty, to one of its friends. But the “Main-one” who was even the medium for this conversation between the two little energies in the garden summoned chatty after hearing this. Chatty who was always in a playful mode was never afraid of the “Main-one”, unlike its fellow spirit’s. Besides Chatty was also very dear to the “Main-one”. The Main-one said to Chatty “I will answer your question, Oh little one! But tell me what piques your curiosity about this universe placed beside me.”

Spirit of Humanity The Lost Spirit

Chatty replied “Some energies told me that there were special spirits which existed in that universe.”
The Main-one said “Indeed Chatty. It contains earth which has many special characteristics. Some of which are unknown to you in this garden. There is the “Spirit of humanity” and then there is the “Spirit of sorrow! And the “Spirit of death”. Chatty was always ready for new action said “Can I visit there with my friends? Oh Main-one.” The Main-one said “Hmmm! I did not talk about the “Spirit of reason” and the “Spirit of Self-realization” which man contains. It is indeed a tricky one. It makes man a very complex being. In fact this same spirit makes humans fight amongst each other, with many believing that different forms called “Gods” were responsible for the manifestation of their universe. And there are some others worshipping the spirit of infinity contained within our garden, claiming that there was a big bang when this universe was born in our garden. “Chatty said “Ighting? Sounds very interesting, Main-One! I want to go and check out that world!”

The Main-one said “You have to be careful Chatty. You cannot survive, where there is the “Spirit of sorrow!” It will push you to the walls and your energy will diminish. Man has several ways of feeding this spirit, thus pushing you to the limits. And the “Spirit of Death” is unknown to you. You can survive there only as long as the spirit of humanity exists!”

Humanity Quote The Lost Spirit

Chatty replied “OK Main-one, I will go with my friends and whatever this “Spirit of humanity” is, it will take care of me.” The Main-one responded to this by saying that “The spirit of humanity” is the most beautiful spirit which existed in man’s universe and it will protect Chatty as long as it sustained. And it warned Chatty finally, saying that its role on earth would end once there was no spirit of humanity around it. But none of Chatty’s friends were willing to be placed in that universe on a planet called “Earth”, by the Main-one! They all shied away when Chatty approached them and hence Chatty took the plunge on its own, for it was the brave little one. The Main-one placed him in a region called “Syria” by the name of a little boy called “Aylan”. As soon as the Main-one placed him, it was already an year as per the concept called “time “ which man had created on earth. The “Spirit of Sorrow” and the “Spirit of death” had already gotten a whiff of this fresh beautiful energy amongst them, and started playing their tricks.

In a royal palace glistening with crystal chandeliers and high ceilings sculpted with exotic art-figures, a dictator was making plans to further tighten his grip on the country he had ruled for many years unabatedly. His country was in disarray, there were all kinds of factions up in arms, besides religious extremist groups which were hell bent on destroying anything and everything, while claiming thousands of innocent lives. But the dictator himself wanted to hold on to his power at all costs which meant killing many of his own people with whatever he had at his disposal. It didn’t matter whether it was a gas, a liquid or a solid as long as it killed! And then there were the clashes between various sects and factions with some neighboring countries pulling the strings, trying to eliminate the ones which were a threat to their plans. It was like a show of puppets with no one master. There were several masters and several strings pulling the puppets in all directions, many falling to pieces in the ensuing melee. The “Spirit of Death” was smiling at this as it lorded over this country and the surrounding areas.

Humanity Quote 2 The Lost Spirit

Chatty in the form of the cute little baby-boy Aylan was being pushed to the wall now in this universe, as the Main-one had feared. The “Spirit of humanity” seemed to be far away and its influence was limited. But it was trying its best to help Chatty! Meanwhile in another richly decorated palace like hotel room, high-ranking diplomats and officials were seated at the table. Everyone was trying to do their bidding. The geo-political influences were further affected by the rich and mighty powers which were playing out their roles, albeit behind the scenes like the pieces of a chess game. Nothing was coming out of it for Aylan (Chatty)’s family, who had already fled their home fearing execution. Each and every word that was being said by those high-officers would play out in Aylan’s life and similar families like him.

The “Spirit of Humanity” tried to push hard from a distance, so it could protect Chatty and its likes, besides the other people affected by the war like crisis in Syria. But the “Spirit of Sorrow” had the last laugh! In a last bid to save Chatty, “The spirit of humanity” tried to lead Chatty and his family on to a risky journey which made them travel in dangerous waters, perched atop a raw boat, precariously in the high seas, in search of hope and life. But alas! The “Spirit of Death” and the “Spirit of Sorrow “came there as a team and defeated the “Spirit of Humanity” who was overwhelmed quite easily. The “Spirit of Humanity” had to flee from there. Chatty in the form of the toddler Aylan along with his mother and brother were drowned in the sea.
The Main-one decide that it was enough and sent Chatty’s friends in the form of some sparrows who were entrusted with bringing back Chatty to the garden, as the Main-one was quite fond of having the young and beautiful energy Chatty beside it.

Flying sparrows The Lost Spirit

As the sparrows flew over the resort town they saw some rich humans indulging themselves with food and drinks, all the while splurging their wealth. And then they saw him! The little boy lay on his stomach, as if kissing the earth, which was a part of the Main-one’s garden. He was being constantly washed by the sea to cleanse him of any ill-effects of Death and Sorrow. Aylan (Chatty) whose spirit was forever young and beautiful looked lost and was waiting innocently for its friends sent by the Main-one, who had already formed a protective layer around him. Up above him the dark and ugly spirits of death and Sorrow were still lingering. As its friends in the form of the sparrows moved in to lift the tiny energy Chatty and take him back to their garden of eternal love, they caught a fleeting glimpse of the “Spirit of humanity” which was known for its beauty and grace. Its face was now sunken, and lifeless. There were deep scars on it and all its power seemed lost.

The Turkish policeman woke up suddenly out of his dream. The fashionable town of Bodrum was still fast asleep and it was just about Four AM in the morning. He had a strange feeling as if he had misplaced something. As if something was lost. He couldn’t remember what it was and where it was lost. And back in the garden, the Main-one took Chatty close to its heart and said with a deep feeling of love “You will remain forever close to the heart, Aylan! Now go and play with eternity!”

By S Vadwlas

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S Vadwlas is a Software architect based in the US, with an American Masters in Engineering and an undergraduate degree from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), India. He is a contributor to the Times of India. He has completed a writer’s course at the Writers center, Bethesda in Washington DC. His upcoming book Go Clown (Get High Legally!) is a Literary Fiction Comedy set in India, America, Nepal and Thailand.

The author can be reached on Twitter at @goclown_book / www.goclown.com

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