The love-hate relationship of Jodha Akbar reaches all new heights as the two yet again become the victim of misunderstandings created by Maham Anga.

The love story of Jalal and Jodha has reached a critical point in the Zee TV serial Jodha Akbar. Evidences and Maham Anga’s planned plot makes Jodha a cheat and she is accused of treachery in front of Akbar. Though initially, he tries his best to trust Jodha, he easily falls prey to his foster mother’s petty tricks. I sometimes wonder was the real Akbar too was so innocent and easy to convince just like Rajat Tokas when it came to Maham Anga’s plots against him? Was Akbar so weak and frail that he believed others rather than concentrating on his own instincts?

But, now that Akbar got to know that Dilawar Khan is no khwaja sera but a rajvanshi man he immediately thinks that Jodha Begum betrayed him. Half knowledge is dangerous, isn’t it? And here too Akbar has become the victim of half knowledge because he thinks Dilawar Khan is some ex lover of Jodha Begum. However, the truth is Dilawar Khan is no ex lover but Jodha Bai’s own brother Sujamal.

Jodha Akbar Confession 300x194 The Love Hate Relationship of Jodha Akbar

Going by the precap it seems that Akbar will tell his love Jodha to move out of his royal harem just like Hrithik Roshan told his Jodha Aishwarya Rai in Ashuthosh Gowariker’s Jodhaa Akbar. Obviously, this will not only sadden Jodha but Akbar himself because although he might give such a harsh punishment to his khaas Begum he will still love her and would have a feeling that, no Jodha Begum couldn’t betray me, there is something more to the entire thing.

But the two most happy lives post Jodha’s departure will be Maham and the Begum – e – Khaas Ruqaiya Sultan Begum who thinks Jodha is a thorn in between her and Jalal. In addition, Adham Khan and Bakshi Banu too will be happy for apparent reason. While the former because Jodha often comes in between his cruel motives and the latter because she knows her husband Sharif-Ud-Din has hots for Jodha her Bhabhi jaan.

Jodha Akbar 300x198 The Love Hate Relationship of Jodha Akbar

But will their happiness last for long? Well, not really because the promos where Akbar ask forgiveness from Jodha is already running on Zee TV. Akbar here, is not only bowing in front of Jodha but also kisses her on cheeks and the two hug each other breaking all the restrictions and bonds. Here Akbar is shown caressing Jodha in his arms and Jodha too seems to be content while hugging her husband, eventually making the two close not only mentally but also physically. Well, even if it is a kiss or a hug it surely counts as a physical intimacy going by the past records of these two most haughty souls.

I now wonder, what will happen after this incident especially to Maham, will she be exposed or will she have another petty explanation for her crime? Or just like the movie, Mariam Makhani urf Akbar’s real mother will expose Maham right in front of Akbar. Ruqaiya who also wishes Jodha to be out of her sight what will be her reaction when she will see the two bonding really well. Oh poor Ruqaiya no matter how hard she tries she always fail in her plan.

Anyways, it is a good news for all the fans of Jodha Akbar who were wanting to see the two falling for each other in the true sense and now that we are exposed with the spoiler alert by none other than the Zee TV promos, it is quite apparent that the TRP’s will see another heights in the coming week break8ng all the earlier records.

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Courtesy: Zee TV

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