No one is as powerful as your self to make you feel rejected. There are lessons learnt & lessons to be shared.

It is often said, “For anyone else to love you, you have to love yourself first”.

Sonam Kapoor Khoobsurat Film Song Image The Best Kind of Love Is : To Love Yourself

You are a beautiful being sent on the earth to experience, learn, grow and discover yourself. The essence and beauty of being a human should be nurtured and cherished each and every moment. The most important thing for you to know is that you need to discover and rediscover your inner self as and when you grow older. No one is as powerful as your self to make you feel little and rejected. There are lessons learnt and lessons to be shared.

Love is above all the gift of ones self The Best Kind of Love Is : To Love Yourself

Here are some thought provoking lessons you should be wary of. 

# Rejection is a Boost:

When you face rejection or betrayal or some kind of desolation, the first thing you do is get into your gloomy blankets and cry for the god above you to do something about it. But, you don’t realize that although it’s a part and parcel of living and participating. Rejection should be taken as an encouragement to do better and better till you are not rejected again.

rejection early age The Best Kind of Love Is : To Love Yourself

It should be taken as a motivational signal to make something happen which is even better than what you had given earlier. It’s a sign of proving your worth, which is more than what you think you are worthy of. Never let a rejection make you feel worthless, rather it’s a step closer to success if you see it wisely.

Kangana Ranaut In Queen The Best Kind of Love Is : To Love Yourself

# Love your Body as Much as you Love to Eat:

You don’t realize, the only thing, which will stay with you before you die is not your money, maybe not your husband, maybe not your family. The only thing for sure which will be with you is you own body. You wont realize its importance unless it is damaged or dysfunctional. So work on it, make sure you put in efforts to make it look beautiful. Eat what you body needs, feed your body the food which can make it last till the time you want to live.

love your body The Best Kind of Love Is : To Love Yourself

# Make time for your passion:

Regrets are the worst, specially, when you knew you had time to fulfill your passions. People underestimate their passions thinking of them as little desires, which are not really required of being fulfilled. But they don’t realize, it is their biggest strength also.

r madhavan 3 idiots regrets in life The Best Kind of Love Is : To Love Yourself

So, 30 years from now, you will be thinking, did I do what I always wanted to do? Am I content with my life currently? Where did I spend the best years of life when I didn’t even do the thing I always wanted to do? . When you answer these questions, there should be a smile on your face and not any questions in your mind. So, do what you always wanted to do, time is running out.

follow your passion The Best Kind of Love Is : To Love Yourself

# Value the People Or They Wont Value You:

Your social skills need not match Kim Kardashian’s social structure. Just like your little dog, which wants little love from you everyday so that he stays happy, people around you need love and kindness. People whom you love and respect are like your gemstones, so value them, show them that you are always there for them.

kabhi khushi kabhi gum The Best Kind of Love Is : To Love Yourself

If you get lost in your selfish world and forget about them, could be your closest friends or your immediate family, you don’t want to fall in the well of regret . And just when you value them, you will realize, how beautiful is it to get what you give. So, value your folks for them to value you.

fawad khan sonam kapoor The Best Kind of Love Is : To Love Yourself

In the true sense, when love comes your way, respect it like you deserve it. But, forever and always, remember to love each and everything about yourself because if you don’t love yourself, how can anyone else you love. And for anyone else to love you, you have to make yourself worthy of that love.

By: Vidhi Sagar

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