Know the positive as well as negative sides of self Love!

We all love ourselves more than anybody else but we don’t have “True” realizations though we do show our reaction some or other way, now is the time to know the universal fact and follow it systematically for the benefit of; first ourselves then for others.

love yourself first Love Yourself

If someone hurt our Ego we hate them, we don’t talk to them & also take the revenge in a possible way, even if we choose not to take revenge but we do hold grudge for longer period. On the contrary; when someone like us/praise ourselves we show our concern, we actually care and we try to help them as we inclination for them. This pattern of reaction is nothing but the sign of self-love.

What we love to hear throughout our life is “I like you the way you are” irrespective of our biological stage, we want ours acceptance, we wanted to be loved. What we love to hear one name is our “Name”, the date we always remember is “Our birthday”. What is more important for us is our “Self-respect”, what we value more is our “Feelings”, what we care about is our “Likings”, what we always chase is I “Desire”, what is more concern for us is I “Need” it.

So the whole things moves around is “I” & “I”. Well it’s not a new concept almost everyone knew it and nothing wrong it. Let’s imply some more concrete & realistic practices to have inner peace first for own- self & then after for others; those others are nothing but our family, friends and all near/dear once.

Its universal fact that we love ourselves & we should be at the utmost, if we can’t satisfy ourselves we can’t understand anyone else’s feelings. It’s linked with human psychology – if we don’t get anything from the world we have the tendency not to give that benefit/value/emotions to people around us. Unintentionally we hold that with us, we take revenge of that injustice of nature, which we have gone through & finally we to learn to live without those.

1. Give yourself word of praise, every time you see yourself in mirror, admire yourself with audible voice, don’t wait to listen it from others, you know yourself better than anyone else living on this earth, this will develop a quality to like others genuinely and accept them openly.

Narcissism Love Yourself

2. Love your belongings, and preserve your memories by creating memento box, this will realize you; why some people are possessively nature & you will have value of their privacy also will guiding you how to keep pace with them.

3. Spend some quality time with yourself everyday & talk with yourself or write your diary everyday by keeping note of what happened, how you felt, how you react; alternatively you can speak to someone close to you; subject if someone can listen to you every day the way you want them. This exercise will give you two things; one is lots of learning about yourself, which will help to transform loving attitude of ‘basic human need’, secondly this will enable you to listen to others and understand them the way they are.

4. Forget yourself, Everyone must have seen failures of their decision/s; learn to forget yourself at least you have tried, even if you are failed you have gain one learning lesson & not left with empty hand, free your soul from past and move forward, this will enables you to forgive others and be normal without holding any grudge.

5. Take time for yourself, manage time to do what you like to do, irrespective of that; no one like it & no one is ready to join with you; do it alone but surely do it for yourself, this will help you to understand what is feeling of being alone, you will love the word partnership & togetherness.

The bottom line is that we have to accept the fact the we can’t live ‘alone’, we need some or the other person around us, we need essence of life that is ‘love’, so we have to understand first ‘ourselves’, satisfied ourselves at the cost of not affecting anyone & then you will be able to satisfied people around you which will generate ‘togetherness’ & rotate the flow of love a ‘life – core’.

we cant live alone QUOTES Love Yourself

Love everyone, what we want more in life is love from all corners, love is energy boost for us, similarly it implies for everyone, spread love as much as you can, learn to give to it who is around you, people may seek your attention, people may like to talk to you, value them. Try spend time with them, try to help them.

Rationality, we have tendency to draw different sets of rules for ourselves and very different rules for others on a same subject/area, that’s lead to biased approach towards the life. This develop the word “Judgmental approach”, we draw different conclusion/opinion for others whereas when it comes to us we try to defend ourselves. The most important thing we forget is that; the people are watching, they do remember our words/actions the way remember their words/actions & this the major problem of human psychology.

Acknowledge people, always acknowledge everyone with word of praise & thanks openly/ publically this will create warm relations and keep you humble, the moment you accept someone with his/her qualities will keep you on ground. This is called return back to nature what we have got.

By: Rajkumari Nagpal

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