Wondering what’s the real story between Maharana Pratap and his first wife Ajabade? Read the assumptions taken from doctrines and folklore!

Everybody wants to know what was the real love story of Maharana Pratap, the Veer Putra of Mewar and his first wife Ajabdeh. While, nothing in detail can be found anywhere, here we come up with the nearest real story based on the teeny weeny information available from various sources including books and folklores:

pratap ajabdeh The Real Love Story of Maharana Pratap and Ajabde   An Assumption!

Maharana Pratap and Ajabde Before Marriage 

Pratap was the son of Mewar’s king Udai Singh II. Ajabde (Ajabade/Ajabdeh) was the daughter of a samant named Rao Ram Rakh Panwar under Udai Singh, living in the Bijolia (50km from Chittorgarhtowards the east) area of the current Bhilwara district. While a story as in the pretext of “typical love story” as the ongoing serial shows, may or may not be possible – it is very much plausible that the two had feelings for each other well before they got married.

maharana pratap wedding photo The Real Love Story of Maharana Pratap and Ajabde   An Assumption!

The Story Perhaps Would be Something like This – 

The Background

Pratap – The first son of Maharana Uday Singh was born on 1539 on Jyesth Shukla 13 Samvat 1596 Vikram era or 1539 according to Vir Vond. But historians consider it as 1540 (i.e. Jyestha Sudi 3rd day of Vikram Era -1597) given by Nensi.

Being born in the Ardra Naksatra, the first born of Uday Singh was considered as a good luck charm. Also, the astrologers made the prediction that this child of Maharana Uday Singh will not just be a great warrior but a Rajput who will bring glory to the entire clan.

No wonder, the day he was born this prediction would have spread like wildfire throughout Rajputana where everybody in their hearts would have thanked god for giving them a son whose astrological prediction came in their favor. So, you see the immediate respect for the crown prince Pratap evolved from the day he was born. Many of them even  would have then thought of him as a possible son – in – law.

faisal khan maharana pratap The Real Love Story of Maharana Pratap and Ajabde   An Assumption!

Now, Pratap as a kid got all the education from the best tutors and the young boy even mastered the art of using arms along with some of the very necessary skills such as horse riding.

Pratap would then from a very young age would have traveled out of Chittor to various areas, where his father would have some or the other work for him. Perhaps, Udai Singh would send Pratap to places in and around Rajputana, to mind some of their business and this would have brought the two – Pratap and Ajabdeh, face to face once upon a time in Bijolia.

Assumption I – Perhaps, it would have been love at the very first sight! 

Pratap was a strong built man and a crown prince, every other girl would desire him back then. Well, who knows even Ajabde had soft corner for him when she heard about him from all the people who would have seen the prince. And then when one fine day, Pratap would have come face to face with Ajabde, the feeling would have become mutual where he fell for Ajabde, the simple and sweet daughter of his samanth.

maharana pratap ajabde story 1 The Real Love Story of Maharana Pratap and Ajabde   An Assumption!

Assumption II – Maybe the Two Initially had no Feelings when they first met, and Love Blossomed Eventually! 

Not all great love stories start with a happy note, some with absolutely neutral approach and some even with hatred and dislikes. While dislikes and hatred is not something which can be assumed here, I think the part II of my assumption would be that they met like strangers, eventually became friends as Pratap came Bijolia often and later Pratap couldn’t distance himself from Ajabde – ultimately the two realizing that its no more a friendship thing, but a super feeling called “love”

ajabde pratap The Real Love Story of Maharana Pratap and Ajabde   An Assumption!

Oh, How I Wish Journalist of Today Had Existed Back Then!

As the writers of those era focused mainly on the man and his dynasty along with the wars giving zero value to his relations, we sadly have no detailed description of this beautiful love story. I wonder what would have been the documents had the current media who practices yellow journalism existed back then?

Well, I’m being positive! Surely,

Ajabdeh ne lagaya tikka Maharana Pratap ko mehal se nikalne ke pehle” would have one of the chapters, giving us some juicy information to understand their equation with ease!

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With inputs from Maharana Pratap by Shri Ram Sharma, Maharana Pratap by Bhagwan Singh

Image Source: Pratap’s marriage, ajabde

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