Valentine’s Day is symbolic of love. No matter, whosoever it is for. Even if one desires to love self, it’s celebrating valentine with yourself. Just do it.

The spring arrives and what springs to each of our mind is ‘Valentine Day‘, although staying upbeat or downbeat towards this day is one’s own choice. I’ve seen most of the singles cussing the day, for, their life lacks the ‘one’ to relish their valentine with. And the ones occupied, needless to say, remain a notch more occupied that day. More love, more romance, more gifts, to put it in a nutshell, every aspect between the couple tends to be more. Ha-Ha.

valentines day Love Yourself This Valentine

Well, what led me to sit with my keyboard and discuss valentine is the concern to instill self-contentment and self-love within those for whom 14th day of February comes as a disappointment. First of all, nowhere in the pages of History, it’s written that Valentine Day is meant only for couple. If this definition serves a consolation effect in your mind, fret not. I’ll shepherd you what to do next.

spend time with yourself Love Yourself This Valentine

See, valentine is on the horizon. Start treating yourself special. You need not one to lend the feel ‘special’ to you. Love yourself, yes, you read it right. And stay tuned to words coming next. Four nights more guys and valentine sun would be over head. Better get yourself a perfect apparel to dress yourself unique for the day.

shopping for self Love Yourself This Valentine


Good news is that this time, Sunday chose to be crowned as Valentine’s day. So, plot your weekend wisely. Spot a secluded spot, away from the bustling city, be it along the shore or on the lap of greenery or in the candle-lit space. But, get one booked for yourself. Just settle yourself comfortably there and make promises to self. What do couples do in fact? Making promises to each other, right? You got to do it to yourself. Why not? Introspect and make those pending commitments to yourself which you have been yet missing out on. Just bang on!

self love Love Yourself This Valentine

One, the only, word that Vaentine is symbolic of is love, may be the projected love falls upon whosoever, doesn’t matter even if its your own reflection. Shower yourself with love and then see the charm the day holds in. It’s all about how you carve out and shape this day from the 366 long days.

By Prerna Daga

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