It is the duty of IOC to ensure that the consumers do not get cheated by the LPG gas agencies and hence should introduce measures to keep us satisfied.

IOC is always telling its Customers that they should accept the full LPG gas cylinders only after checking the Gas weight, which should be as close to 14.2 kg as possible, for the domestic cylinders. They say that their LPG supply boys are supposed to carry weighing scales with them, to show the gas weight to the customers.
iocl LPG Gas Cylinders Supplied By Indian Oil Corporation.
But, unfortunately, I have never ever seen their Gas delivery boys carrying any Weighing Scale. If they are told about the Scale, they pass crude comments. They also become offended when you ask them to show that the gas is not leaking, by applying a soap-film on the valve mouth. I have served Gas Industry for 47 years in top technical posts, and know how to check cylinders for leakages, but I dare not offend the Delivery Boys, lest they may disturb my future supplies.
lpg tare wt LPG Gas Cylinders Supplied By Indian Oil Corporation.
And yes, coming back to the point of checking the Gas weight, it is expected of IOC to mention the Tare Weight of the empty Cylinder very legibly on the cylinder top, so that even if a Customer buys his own Weighing Scale he can check the weight of the Gas himself. For this, it is suggested that a small metallic brass tag be hung at the frame at the top of the cylinder, with the Tare Weight “punched” on it, very legibly.
LPG gas cylinder1 LPG Gas Cylinders Supplied By Indian Oil Corporation.
These are very small things, which can be easily implemented, only if somebody takes some initiative. Hope you will raise this matter at the correct forum, for the good of all the Customers of LPG. Do please let me know the action which you take.
By A.K.Agarwal
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