Lucky Kabootar is a rom-com releasing on 13 December 2013. Starring Eijaz Khan,  Ravi Kishan, Kulraj Randhawa, Sanjay Mishra it seems to be a funfilled ride. We look at the poster, trailer, story, plot and the music of Lucky Kabootra

It will be a busy weekend with as many as three multiplex films releasing this Friday the 13th Weekend of December 2013. There is What the Fish, Jackpot and Lucky Kabootar that release this weekend, giving the film viewing junta a wide choice for this weekend’s entertainment. Lucky Kabootar seems like a typical funny, Everyman Film that Bollywood is doing such a good job of these days; a film that depends not on stars and props but on a good, identifiable story.

lucky kabootar poster 300x150 Lucky Kabootar   Trailer, Story, Plot, Music

Poster of Lucky Kabootar release date 13 Dec 2013

Film –  Lucky Kabootar (Release date 13 December 2013)

Starring – Shradha Das, Eijaz Khan, Ravi Kishan, Kulraj Randhawa, Sanjay Mishra, Atul Mathur and Madhavi Sharma

Producer – Karan Raj Kanwar

Banner: Inderjit Films Combine

Director – Shammi Chhabra

Story/Screenplay – Shammi Chhabra, Shyam Goel, Abhay Kanwar

Music – Santokh Singh, Sunil Singh

Lucky Kabootar Trailer, Story, Plot

The trailer of Lucky Kabootar features what appears to be an average everyday guy who thinks he’s had a great idea to get rich quick – when a Rs 1 Crore compensation is declared for a dying person, our hero (played by Eijaz Khan) decides he wants in on the scheme. He hopes that a funeral will make him lucky – evidently he hopes to be the ‘lucky kabootar’.

We then see Bollywood’s favourite character actor and funny man Sanjay Mishra in the garb of a slightly out-there Godman. Sporting a Sai-Afro do and a long white robe with a bright red pierced heart, he seems to spout gyan of a rather different type. We also see the hero getting married but this is followed by his past catching up with him in the form of Ravi Kishan and Kulraj Randhawa’s characters.

Lucky Kabootar should be a fun ride; an irreverent, rueful look at human frailties- about a regular guy who finds it difficult to make ends meet and tries his hand at something unconventional. The movie follows his trials and tribulations and his attempts to bring his life back on track.  Shot extensively in Chandigarh, the movie retains a clearly Punjabi flavour with much of the music conforming to Bhangra sounds with Punjabi lyrics.

Lucky Kabootar Music; Other News

The music of Lucky Kabootar is peppy and enjoyable for the most part. Tumba bole yara da is a typical Mika song; the singer’s voice and singing style are immediately recognizable. The song Haal Da Marham is a beautifully rendered Qawwali – sung by Kamaal Khan & Santosh Singh, it is soulful and perhaps the pick of the songs on this album. The rock version of the qawwali song failed to impress as much. Other songs include  Kripa Babe Di which is an enjoyable bhangra track with a groovy beat, Dj Te Gulabo Nachdi is another bhangra track but with a distinct electronic feel. Mein Nahi Rahna Tere Naal  by Sunidhi Chauhan and Shaan is romantic dance number.

So far the movie has not run into any trouble, with any citizens’ or religious groups or with the censor board. This is almost unusual these days. However there are accounts circulating about the film director Karan Raj Kanwar having filed a complaint against the film’s leading lady Kulraj Randhawa for not being present for the music launch of the other publicity events for the film. Reportedly the Director has complained to the Indian Film and Television Producers Council (IFTPC) about this. Whether this impacts the film positively or negatively remains to be seen.

By – Reena Daruwalla

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Image courtesy – Lucky Kabootar Facebook Page

Video Attribution – Saregam India YouTube Channel and Inderjit Films YouTube Channel

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