Here is the story of how Luv and Kush defeated the invincible Raghukul warriors – Lakshman, Shatrughan and Bharath along with Hanuman

The Maharathis of the Raghukul is known for their bravery, valor, and heroism. Nobody could ever defeat them. Invincible, they defeated almost every opponent, no wonder how strong they were! Joining them was the Mahabali Hanuman who had indomitable powers and strength. However, they all were defeated at the hands of two young kids.

Luv and Kush, not just defeated the maharathis of the raghukul but also displayed their skills, knowledge, and understanding. Below is the incident when the brothers defeated the Raghuvanshi(s).

luv kush When Luv and Kush Defeat Lakshman, Hanuman, Bharath and Shatrughan

The Ashwamedh Yagna

According to the Raghuvanshi rituals, the King performed a yagna. Next, he sent a royal horse across different places. The horse was used to prove the King’s imperial sovereignty. The horse accompanied by the king’s warriors would wander for a period of one year. In the territory traversed by the horse, any rival could dispute the king’s authority by challenging the warriors accompanying it. After one year, if no enemy had managed to kill or capture the horse, the animal would be guided back to the king’s capital.

Ramayana Part 10 Ayodhya 23 When Luv and Kush Defeat Lakshman, Hanuman, Bharath and Shatrughan

Nobody ever dared to stop an ashwamedh of Raghukul but Luv and Kush couldn’t resist the beautifully decorated horse so much that they decided to battle it out with Ayodhya’s warrior to win the horse.

When Luv and Kush Defeated the Raghuvanshis

The horse passed through many states and every king became King Rama’s dependents. The horse was now returning back to Ayodhya. However, seeing the lush green grass near Valmiki’s hermitage, the horse started eating the grass. It was Luv who saw the horse and got attracted. He tied the horse.

Next, soldiers came to rescue the horse but Luv was determined. He fought with the Soldiers until Shatrughan the commander came and fought with him. The bravery of the young boy surprised him but in the face-off, Luv became unconscious.

Ramayana Part 11 Lav Kush 16 When Luv and Kush Defeat Lakshman, Hanuman, Bharath and Shatrughan

Shatrughan was heading towards Ayodhya with his army and unconscious Luv, when Kush blocked his path. He not only defeated the soldiers but also Shatrughan. Luv soon gained consciousness and they tied the horse yet again. The news was received by Lord Rama in Ayodhya. Lakshman was sent to look into the matter. Interestingly, the same Lakshman who could kill the mighty Megnath got defeated by the brothers. Luv and Kush could easily make him unconscious.

After the defeat of Lakshman, the elder brother Bharath was sent. Bharat along with Hanuman tried to calm the kids but to no avail. They were not ready to give up. They instigated Bharath to fight with them. He too was defeated. The news was received by Rama in Ayodhya.

Next, he decided to handle the two boys all by himself. However, just when they are about to war, Sage Valmiki and Hanuman (who through his power visualizes that Luv Kush are Lord Rama’s son) come in between the father and the sons.

This is how Luv and Kush prove their valor and bravery and even defeated the invincible warriors like Lakshman, Bharath, Shatrughan, and Hanuman.

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