Why only Maan Singh is called as a traitor when Maharana Pratap’s own brother Shakti Singh & Jagmal had joined hands with Rajputs for their selfish motives

Maan Singh is highly appreciated by Akbar in Jodha Akbar serial. However, for Maharana Pratap and other Rajputs who denied submission to Akbar, he was mainly a traitor – A traitor who sided the enemies and killed his own brothers, A traitor who planned wars against his own Rajputana, and a traitor who came with an objective to kill Rajputana’s hero and freedom fighter, Maharana Pratap!

maan singh maharana pratap jodha akbar Why Only Maan Singh Is Called A Traitor When Most of the Rajputs Sided Akbar?

But, Akbar’s army not just included Maan Singh, but many other Rajputs and even Maharana Pratap’s own brother Shakti Singh, didn’t it?  Then why Maan Singh alone is termed as traitor till today, and why the rest are ignored?

Let us look into few things:

Man Singh Had a Personal Tiff With Maharana Pratap

Maan Singh once came to Meet Maharana Pratap in Udaipur. Maan Singh was not a Raja back then but a Kunwar (Raja’s son), though he was a General in Akbar’s army. However, for Maharana Pratap he was just a desh drohi, and nothing else.

Still for the sake of courtesy, Pratap arranged a dinner for him. Next, he sent his son Kunwar Amar Singh to meet and dine with Maan Singh. Nothing was wrong in sending Amar Singh because Maharana Pratap was a Raja, and Maan Singh was just a Raja’s son. However, Maan Singh’s power had made him haughty. He couldn’t resist the fact that instead of coming and greeting him, Maharana Pratap had sent his son to meet him.

When Maan Singh asked Kunwar Amar Singh about Pratap’s absence, Amar Singh made an excuse that his father is suffering from headache. It took no time for Maan Singh to realize Maharana Pratap’s action and motive. He denied having dinner with Kunwar Amar Singh, and quickly snapped back, “I shall come again with medicine for your father’s headache.” Pratap who later came at the scene mentioned, “…And don’t forget to bring your fufaji (Akbar) along with you.”

Maan Singh could have easily avoided the Haldighati battle but instead, he became the commander in chief of the army to take the revenge of his insult. This battle became his personal war against Maharana Pratap where more than Akbar, he was eager to defeat the Mewar Maharana. No, he had no interest in the Jauhar committed thereafter. In fact, Maan Singh often became the dalaal of Akbar and brought huge number of Hindu ladies in the Akbar harem in the name of treaty, alliance and what not.

Maharana Pratap Battle of Haldighati Why Only Maan Singh Is Called A Traitor When Most of the Rajputs Sided Akbar?

No wonder, Maharana Pratap was a great freedom fighter, and if a Rajput came against his quest than he is entitled to be a traitor – But, why only Maan Singh? Wasn’t there were hundred others who too submitted to Akbar?

Why Just Man Singh, why not Shakti Singh and Other Rajputs?

Why only Maan Singh is termed as a traitor and why not so many other Rajputs who accepted Akbar’s rule, and even gave their daughters hand to him or his courtiers. And most importantly, why not Pratap’s own brothers Shakti Singh and Jagmal who for their self-interest didn’t even think twice of their Clan’s pride and glorious past, before joining Akbar’s army?

battle of haldighati maharana pratap mewar Why Only Maan Singh Is Called A Traitor When Most of the Rajputs Sided Akbar?

Or is that because….

Shakti Singh was Pratap’s brother who eventually helped Maharana Pratap to escape the battle of Haldighati? Don’t you think even Shakti Singh is a traitor? No, not of the Mughals, but of the entire Kshtariya clan. After all Bhagvad Gita states that, nothing is as important for a Kshatriya than abiding the Kshatriya Dharma. Shakti Singh’s Kshatriya dharma was to fight Maharana Pratap, not to rescue him.  

rajputs maharana pratap Why Only Maan Singh Is Called A Traitor When Most of the Rajputs Sided Akbar?

Another interesting thing to note is that, it wasn’t Maan Singh who had willingly joined hands with Akbar, it was his grandfather Raja Bharmal. He just followed the suit rather rules that were set by his grandfather. In addition, Akbar was his uncle – his bua’s husband. But, rest almost all including Shakti Singh, JAGMAL and great number of Rajputs willingly came to Akbar to seek his help and revolted against their own brothers and motherland for their selfish gains.

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