Sunil Grover aka Guthi aka Chutki had vowed to bounce back from episode 3 of Mad in India 100% Desi Show, however, he fails to deliver yet again…

When a certain new theme is imitated, inspired or based on the existing theme, comparisons are bound to happen and when comparison happens, people expect and when people expect, there are two things – either the theme is a pass or it fails, nothing in between. And in that case, there are very less chance of keeping up with the people’s expectation unless there is something very extra ordinary, and so most of the time you tend to fail. That’s exactly what it happening with Sunil Grover and his show Mad In India, Sau Takka Desi Show.

mad in india chutki sunil grover Mad In India: Sunil Grover fails to deliver in Episode 3 as well!

Actor Sunil Grover at Worli Festival 2014 in Mumbai on Jan.26, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Mad in India so far…

As soon as Sunil Grover announced that he is coming up with a new show in the same avatar as Guthi , people expected the show to be extra fun and started waiting for it. The show even went on the small screens with full fanfare but what happened? Well, people saw it and did not like it all, calling it a flop show. Perhaps it was not what they were expecting from Sunil Grover. In addition, the concept, the theme, the talks and the comic level was not at all good. I would say, it was a comedy show sans comedy where there wasn’t any fun at all.

udit mika mad in india News 1 Mad In India: Sunil Grover fails to deliver in Episode 3 as well!

Next – Since the repercussion was not good, Sunil reacted immediately and vowed to change the theme with the third episode as the shooting of the second episode was already done. Going by the tweet of Sunil Grover, I anticipated a funny third episode of Mad in India, Sau Takka Desi Show. Yet again, I thought I would hurt my stomach by laughing, but after watching the show yesterday,  I am again left high and dry.

As of now, the third episode is over and to be very frank the show only disappoints me. There is nothing in the show that has the capacity to make me or anybody roll over floor laughing, neither the jokes nor the comic timing.

So, what was the Episode 3 all about?

Well, the show started with Manish Paul’s filmy entry in a grand andaaz, making me say, “Kya Baat Hai” then the two guest, “Udit Narayan and Mika Singh” were welcomed in a humorous style. However, soon the show appeared as a talk show rather than a comedy show. Manish though tried being comedy in intervals, but somehow it didn’t work. I actually laughed more watching Nach Baliye 6 with Karan Wahi and Gautam Rhode’s anchoring, they were more fun. If a dance reality show can come up with such good humor and excitement, I fail to understand why a comedy show cannot use talented stars like Manish Paul to accelerate this show.

Then we saw Chutki coming on the stage and trying to be her best but somewhere there was something missing. Not even once I could laugh open heartedly. Well, as a spectator, I wouldn’t blame Chutki or the characters, because I think they were doing their job. However, if somebody really deserves a wrath, then it has to be the script writer of the show. Come on, a comedy show without any thrill, fun and excitement, isn’t that a treachery?

Unfortunately, not even a single moment of the show is worth remembering or sharing here, yes you heard it right – not even a single! Shweta Tiwari as Katrina Mishra was the only good think that happened. I think, she should be given more time on the screen so that at least we have something to see and hear(her Bhojpuri accent is humorous).

The Last Words…

Sunil Grover before the launch had said that people can watch Koffee with Karan in breaks as the timing of the show coincides with Karan’s show on another channel. But, it seems that people are watching Mad in India in breaks.

Still, I think the show has potential and can do far better than what is expected from it. The promo of the next episode looks promising where Shilpa Shetty is seen cracking jokes along with the cast. Again Mad in India is raising my expectation level…Grrr… I just hope it doesn’t leave the viewers high and dry in the subsequent episode the way it has been doing so far…

By: Deepti Verma

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