The viewers expected that Sunil would continue to be a laugh riot in Mad In India – however, the first show was a flop.

Mad in India, a 100% Desi show was introduced on Star Plus, the day Sunil Grover aka Gutthi oops I mean Chutki, the funny man Manish Paul, the Marathi Manus Siddharth Jadhav and Shweta Tiwari, the behenji in her Bhojpuri accent gave us a glimpse of the show in the episodes of Nach Baliye 6, the dance reality show. The expectations increased high and we stayed glued to watch the very first episode of the comedy show on February 16th. Unfortunately, the comedy show Mad in India did not deliver – it did not do justice to the title as it lacked the necessary energy and madness.

mad in india chutki sunil grover Mad in India: A Flop Show

Actor Sunil Grover at Worli Festival 2014 in Mumbai on Jan.26, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

During its promotion, Sunil Grover claimed that the show was different as it would not just concentrate on Bollywood but other aspects as well. Now, we all started thinking what these different aspects were and anticipated an interesting first episode from the talented bunch of comedians. However, it seems now that it was just a ploy – they left us high and dry.

Mad In India Chutki Mad in India: A Flop Show

The Inaugural Episode

The show began with Manish Paul’s grand entry and we thought “wow” as he kept us entertained with his one-liners and comic punches. However, the moment the guest was introduced, Sunil Grover as a corrupt politician, the fun diminished. As Sunil as a corrupt neta did not say anything that we haven’t heard before.

The jokes were tried and the verses simply lacked the punch. While the questions were more or less fine, it was the answers that left us rather deceived.

Siddharth Jadhav did liven up the happenings on the small screen by his wacky humor especially when he brought Chutki in his cycle rickshaw. For a moment, we thought wow the show will now finally get its plot but we were mistaken. Even as Chutki, Sunil dwindled after some witty annotations here and there and started digging her/his own exit from there, that is his (her?) exit from Comedy Nights with Kapil.

The songs and poems that one looked forward to, from Ghutti turned out to be a big drag here. The jokes were lifeless and comatose. At one point of time, I was red with madness, obviously not out of laughing but of irritation that was the moment I was wondering, “Why on earth am I even watching this flop show?”

Fortunately Manish Paul came to the rescue when he announced the next guest and the first celebrity guest of the show – Yoga expert Baba Ramdev, the only entertaining part of the entire prime time. Maybe because we saw the side of Baba Ramdev that we have never witnessed.

Shweta Tiwari was missing in this inaugural episode. Call me a biased viewer, but all throughout the episode I was missing the Ghutti of Comedy Nights with Kapil which had the effect of making you roll over the floor literally.

The Final Verdict

Mad in India lacks the energy, the punch, the zing and the desi tadka which we were anticipating from the brilliant bunch of comedians. It certainly doesn’t have the magic that we see in its competitor show “Comedy Nights With Kapil” on Colors.

Though, Sunil Grover after getting a negative response, has claimed that he will be back with a bang in the third episode – the question mark still persists whether he will indeed bounce back and give the audiences the zing, the punch and the laugh that they expect from the show or whether it will disappoint them further.

Till then, I just give him the benefit of doubt and expect the show to start rolling from the third episode in this week. Or else, I and the audiences are all set to spend our comedy nights somewhere else…

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

By: Deepti Verma

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