Mad in India with Episode 5 is back with a bang. Chutki is ready to tickle your funny bone & to add fuel to the fire is none other than Harbhajan Singh

Sunday, the day of Holika Dahan was a happy day for Sunil Grover. The reason? Well, the audiences now finally seem to be enjoying his show, Mad in India – 100 per cent desi. While, the comedy show is still not in the field to compete with Comedy Nights with Kapil which enjoys the TRP of 9.5, after last night’s episode all I can say is that, Sunil Grover is back.

Right from the start, the show made us laugh out loud. Whether it was Chutki’s joke, the support actor’s comic sense or the screen play, everything seemed to be in synchronization. The jokes, the acting and the acts really made me laugh unlike the earlier episodes where I literally scratched my head. No wonder while watching the Episode 5 of Mad In India, I really felt that the team has put both heart and soul into the project now, all set to prove the audiences that, “Ye we can indeed make you laugh.”

chutki celebrates holi with harbhajan singh Mad in India Holi Special with Harbhajan Singh

At the start, Manish Paul’s entry was as interesting like before. However, in this episode 5, he did not do a Salman Khan by dancing on a filmy song but maintained his old time profession of RJing. Oh yes, the young lad came up with an interesting shayari on stage which was enough for us to say “waah waah” “waah waah” in response to his beautiful lines.

Chutki’s entry was also quick not giving us chance to think, “Oh, Ok, now what’s next?” All the jokes was well timed and so was the natural acting of Chutki aka Ghutti aka Sunil Grover. The initial 15 minute where she romances a boy from the audiences was enough to tell us that – Oh, please, do not change the channel as there is still lot of things happening here.

And yes Indeed, for a change, I did not change the channel as there I was sitting and enjoying Sunil Grover all over again with a popcorn.

In addition, to add the star quotient came the great bowler of Indian Cricket Team, apna Punjab da puttr Harbhajan Singh oye! Simple and down to earth, he really added the funny quotient to the show. His straightforward answers and down to earth behavior added fuel to the fire. No wonder he had to pick up a fat Farzana who came to the stage just so that he could do it. Now, that’s a different story that Bhajji did not lift her but the sofa in which she was sitting.

He had an interesting tale to tell us. The Punjabi munda revealed how in the earlier days he and his another friend of Punjab never approached an air hostess simply because they were not well versed with English. Next, the man famous for his dusra not only imitated Shah Rukh Khan but also danced along with his fans on Sunny Leone’s latest song Baby Doll of the much hyped Ragini MMS 2. And mind you not even once did I feel the pain of ooh, aah, ouch which I felt while watching the early episodes of Mad in India.

Another twist in the entire tale was Sunil Grover as a kid Sabji, a small Punjabi kid who comes to meet his idol Harbhajan Singh on the sets. To all the people including me who thought Sunil Grover cannot create a magic in other roles and should only stick to the girly avatar, it is a straight slap on the face. Well, because Sunil as Sabji not just made us laugh but gave us some real fun time. He had the innocence as well as the mischief which all the naughty kids have in them and overall just made the audiences drool with his acting and sense of humor. The best part was when he almost falls on Harbhajan Singh after blushing over his girl friend.

manish paul and chutki make their guest feel special Mad in India Holi Special with Harbhajan Singh

While, in the earlier episodes, we felt that Sunil Grover has been overshadowed by the host Manish Paul, Episode 5 with Harbhajan Singh only states that – “Sunil and only Sunil is indeed the real hero of the show.”

If Mad in India continues with this sort of fun riot and give the audiences a good time, that day wouldn’t be far when we will see the 100% desi show moving out from the N/A range and scaling the ladder of TRP charts.

By: Deepti Verma

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