Media’s duty these days is to not inform people but to delude them. Half-truth is dangerous and media expertise in such truths.

I just want  to bring in notice to all of you the acts of Indian social media. The media which is responsible to enlighten the citizens of our country has gone mad. Since when it’s happening, I don’t know, but for the past 1 year or so, I am completely bemused by the way they are projecting each and every news. Their accurate amplication of untimely, weird and useless news is making me crazy.

its fake media The Maddening Media

Why they are more bothered about some terrorist funeral rather than Dr Kalam’s death. or Why they are more bothered about someone  eating beef or chicken? Are we are only striving to hear this kind of news daily. The trial news are also projected and amplified in its worst possible manner. Paris witnessed 156 death and our media cried, trolled went berserk, around the same no of people dying in Chennai flood, media does not bother.  I wondered they even know  this or not. People are dying in our country due to various reasons, media does not bother. An actor presented his personal views about his own country, media went beresrk. 

media ugly The Maddening Media

Which god we are worshiping, what clothes we are wearing, what food we are eating, what culture we are following, our superstitions myths, morality are all bothered and questioned by this media. Who are they to publish or even notice that?

media shows what they want The Maddening Media

Our MLA, MPs, our ministers how they are doing their work. Their management of funds, their work, their deeds, their crimes, they don’t project that. What happens to A RAJA, what happens to 2G scam…what happens to Madhu Koda case…and many more like. No body is following body is bothered. This is shame on us.

There is more appropriate news to follow, to listen and to respond rather than an actors remark, or beef eating.

By Gautam Pandey

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