Sushim and Ashoka to get together to fight against Mir and Nicator!

In a strange twist and turn in Ashoka serial, Selecus Nicator along with Mir Khorasan has captured the Magadh Samrat. The Samrat was compelled to surrender when Nicator pretended to kill Siamak. There was nothing that Bindusar could do since he couldn’t let Nicator kill his son Siamak. No wonder, the Samrat had no clue that Siamak is a traitor and together they are plotting against him and Magadh.

While Samrat has surrendered and is under the control of Unani and Khorasani, Dharma made Sushim leave the palace in the nick of time so that he can go and reach to Ashoka so that together they can come back and save both Magadh and the Samrat.

sushim ashoka Magadh Brothers to Fight against the Unanis and Khorasani!

Sushim Will Meet Ashoka and Tell Him Everything

We have seen how Sushim successfully moves out of the palace. On his way, he will meet Ashoka who is already on his way to Patliaputra. Sushim will then narrate everything to Ashoka – How the Unanis wrongfully entered the palace, waged a war and even captured Bindusar by forcing him to surrender. The good thing is nobody knows where is Sushim except of course Dharma and Charumitra.

siddarth nigam ashoka sushim siyamak Magadh Brothers to Fight against the Unanis and Khorasani!

Since, Siamak, Seleucus, Helena and Mir aren’t aware where Sushim is they will have no idea what he is upto and so while they cheer up their toast of victory, Sushim along with Ashoka and Magadh army will surely give them a dose of their own medicine.

Sushim and Ashoka to Unite For Magadh and Its Victory

We have always seen the two brothers against each other fighting even for the smallest issue. However, in the coming episodes we will see that both Sushim and Ashoka will unite and fight not against each other but alongside to wipe out the foreign invaders – the Unanis and Khorasanis who have once again cheated the Mauryans.

samrat ashok yuvraj sushim susima Magadh Brothers to Fight against the Unanis and Khorasani!

It would be interesting to see them united even for once without as they keep their personal differences aside and concentrate only towards the greater good. It is actually very strange to see how Sushim switch sides with every change of events. Earlier, he was with Helena who wanted to kill Samrat Bindusar and now that Helena’s father Selecus wants the throne Sushim is now running towards Ashoka. He knows at this time only he can help.

Good that Sushim has reached Ashoka because being the ultimate well-wisher of Magadh only he can be a savior. Besides, he also has a large part of army with him and this time the alliance of Sushim, a master manipulator. This means this time Sushim won’t try to become a constraint for Ashoka. Instead help him and work in synchronization with him.

This is making us excited. After all, both Sushim and Ashoka are coming together to fight the foreign invaders – Will they be successful in defeating them? Will they rescue Bidusar? Will Siamak trick them? Or will Sushim reveal the real side of Siamak exposing him completely? We hope we get the answers of each question soon as Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat moves towards a completely new phase.

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