Intertwined are the tales of the present Maggi fiasco and PM Modi’s governance

A unique pattern binds Maggi and the concept of ‘Aache Din’ as promoted by our PM Modi.

Both need VVIP ambassadors for promotional activities. Both focus on ‘instant’ processes and try to serve something good to busy hard working customers and voters.

Aache Din is no more a pre-election Jhumla-Joke. It now claims to overcome the hurdles of transparency, tax burden, lesser savings and motivates the user with future dreams.

However the Uttar Pradesh Food and Drug Administration’s decision recalls packets of Maggi Noodles. Reason ? The food as per reports has too much  Monosodium Glutamate and Lead, in fact much more than permissible limits. Amitabh Bachchan,Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta has been named in an FIR filed in UP in this case.

Madhuri Maggi Maggi vs Aache Din

Bollywood actress,Madhuri Dixit, who endorses Maggi’s brand of ‘nutritious’ oats noodles, could be in trouble. The Haridwar FDA has issued her a notice seeking an explanation as to how the noodles are nutritious, why she never investigated the product before promoting it and what the basis is for making such a claim. If she fails to respond within 15 days a case could be filed against her, according to officials of the FDA.

A notice to film stars for faulty products might sound like a big joke, but misrepresentation of products and Aache Din dreams both stand teasing as a serious system failure issue.

Today when the Public is searching  for a `safe` and transparent two minute food like Maggi, PM Modi played hide and seek with the appointment of Sh.VK Chowdary.

Check details in India Opines recent article here.

This is not the first time brand ambassadors have been pulled up by Courts for erroneous, misleading or outright false advertisements.

Will the law apply same standards to the VVIP Politicians engaged in similar dealings?

The feeling of feel-good days as used by Ministers is a tricky stopover. Motivation adds value. This stopover needs a replacement supported by hard evidences in the team Selection Procedure.

The pattern continues and we follow blindly, evident if you consider the stories of Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit,Jayalalitha, Arvind Kejriwal,Nestle and PM Modi.

Public challenge is how to break this trick with minimum resources and in limited time?

Dream Vs Hope Vs Transparency Vs Trick- Know the difference?

The first Step towards a non-corrupt Indian transparent dream? The use of stick as fear today by dream merchants is over but use of technology with a Clean Vigilance Officer as a stick remains evident.

On the Safety & sustainability of Maggi N Aache Din

Responding to a recent question on when “achhe din” would come, PM Modi said, “Acche din aa chuke hain. Lekin kuch log hamare kaamon ko dhumil karne mein lage hain (good days have already arrived but some people are trying to belittle the work done by us).” Madhuri Dixit is equally alert and assures that Nestle has a clean transparent quality procedure check on Noodles.

Check the Aacche Din latest gifts

Forty Years have passed and One Rank One Pension is still not approved.To load increase in MPs salary it takes only 40 minutes.  Black Money with Rs.15 Lac in the account of each Indian is still a dream.To rub salt on wounds – a tainted and a disputed CVC-VK Chowdary is appointed.

One Rank One Pension Maggi vs Aache Din

How can PM Modi deliver in the next 4 years? It starts with the appointment of clean officers & Ministers to deliver betterment.

By: Rakesh Manchanda

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