The only key of success is the strong belief, determination & devotion to the work. There is nothing magical or mystical about the power of success.

Our ancient way of life, which is still applicable, provided three paths to lead our life namely science of thought, devotion, & work. Although they are not substitute to each other, but to a certain extent depends on each other. But for a family way of life, work of science is the only way of perfect life. In Geeta, Lord Krishna emphasized on science of work too.


Every one of us wants to succeed in our life. Success means many wonderful positive things. It brings physical, mental & social prosperity. In fact in the science of work, achievement is the goal of life. Everybody wants the best his life can deliver. Nobody enjoys crawling. But the question is ‘‘who attains the goal of success?”

The only key of success is the strong belief, determination & devotion to the work. There is nothing magical or mystical about the power of success.Belief works on our thinking process. It works this way-belief “I am positive, I can do it, yes I can.”

think positive MAGIC OF SUCCESS

This attitude generates the power, skills & energy needed to attain the set goal. When one holds strong belief of I can do it, how to do it is automatically born.

How to do it, is captured by those only who believe in he can do it. Strong attitude triggers the mind to figuring ways & means how to do it. It is confidence in himself which ultimately garner confidence of others.

self confidence MAGIC OF SUCCESS

Disbelief is a negative power. When the mind doubts its own capacity, the mind attracts reasons to support the disbelief. Doubt, disbelief the subconscious will to fail, the not really wanting to succeed, is responsible most failures. Think doubt & fails. Think achievement & succeed. A person is a product of own thoughts & determinations. Thought big as our learned president Kalam Shahab used to say, to get success in life.

Our mind is a factory of thought. It is a busy factory manufacturing millions of thoughts round the clock. It is guided by Triumph & Defeat. Triumph manufactures positive thoughts contrary to Defeat which is in charge of negative thoughts. The only wise thing is to fire defeat & illuminate triumph. If we succeed in it then it will open the door of success as never before.Power of belief is to generate within but not to borrow from outside. Human mind is treasure of both positive & negative thoughts. It depends on us on to whom we ride.

Successful people are not a superman. They are just ordinary folk who has developed strong belief & wisdom.

A successful man never inclined to beg excuse for his failures. He rather learns lesson from failures & stand up with new vigor & strong belief. One must remember that the thinking that guides one intelligence is much more important than how much intelligence he has particularly the work of science.

By Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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