All the clashes that resulted in the making of Indraprastha has just begin in the New Mahabharat. Check out how the situations turn one after the other

The moment Duryodhan calls Draupadi Durachari ~ Characterless, Arjun cannot control his anger and straightaway removes his weapon only to aim at Duryodhan. No wonder everybody is shocked. Dhritarashtr is fuming like anything as Arjun not only violates the law but also insults the king that is him. Without thinking even for a second, he out in anger announces death sentence for Arjun in the new Mahabharat.

Arjun Arrow Mahabharat: Arjun Aims Arrow at Duryodhan in Rajya Sabha

Yudhishtr interferes and says “Maharaj, you cannot do this and we are ready to fight”. Arjun says whoever insults Draupadi, will have to bear the burnt of his arrows. Duryodhan gets ready to fight. Bhishm looks pissed with this sudden developments and blames the Kauravas for insulting Rajya Sabha and leaves. Dhritarashtr is shocked to hear why Bhishm thinks it is Kauravas. Vidur says only a divison is the solution for Hastinapur.

At another place in the palace, Bhishm for a change disagrees with Vidur’s idea of splitting. Yudhishtr too is disappointed. While, their discussion is still going on, a dwarpal comes and shares the news that the Kings wants to arrest Pandavas. Bhishma sends a message to Dhritarashtr that he wants to see him immediately. However, Yudhishtr is ready to submit them to the King and even explains Bhishm why is it necessary to do so. Bhishm doesn’t seems to be satisfied. Draupadi, the poor lady looks sad seeing her 5 husbands ready for the detention.

Bhishma immediately goes to Dhritarashtr and expresses his dissatisfaction with his. Gandhari too urges him to drop such punishment. Will he drop the charges or will he punish Arjun brutally for picking up his weapon in Rajya Sabha?

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Official Mahabharat

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