Although the new Mahabharat dedicated 4 to 5 episodes to Draupadi’s swayamvar, there is no depiction of Arjun’s marriage with Uloopi and Chritangada

In the episode of 10th March we saw that Arjun leaves for his tapasya and in the very next episode that is of 11th March we hear Shakuni and Duryodhan talking about the marriage of Uloopi and Chitrangada with Arjun. Oh, well, so the new Mahabharat didn’t take us to the journey of Arjun in various parts of the North and his strange marriage with the Naga Princess and Manipur Princess.

Arjun Subhadra marriage The new Mahabharat misses Arjun’s Marriage with Uloopi and Chitrangada

Aha, this surprises me because the swayamvar of Draupadi was given 4 to 5 episodes whereas Arjun’s brief time in Himalayas, North East and Down South was not even given a single episode. Uff, isn’t that unfair especially when the viewers are all glued to their TV to extract the instances that happened in Mahabharat?

Well, I think there were several viewers like me who were eagerly waiting to see a modern version of the incidents – How Uloopi kidnapped Arjun, how he married her, how Manipur King allowed Arjun to marry Chitraganda by a clause, then how he saved the maidens who were transformed into crocodiles with the help of Uloopi’s boon so on and so forth….

However, it seems that the new Mahabharat was in a hurry to show Arjun marrying Subhadra (Krishna’s sister) by eloping her right in front of Balram’s eyes who plans to marry her off with his disciple Duryodhan. I don’t know how dramatized it will be going the last marriage of Pandavas with Draupadi but I’m sure there will be either few episodes or a Maha Episode to dedicate the same.

Regarding the brief details of Arjun and his journey before reaching Dwarka, watch this space and I shall take you as a baraati to both the marriages that is Arjun’s marriage with the Naga Princess Uloopi in the Himalayas and with the Manipuri Princess Chitragandha in the North East.

By: Deepti Verma

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