The disguised Arjun wins the swayamvar but is recognized by Karna. Shakuni then plans against Arjun and provokes other kings. How he successfully weds Draupadi is worth watching. For details click here.

Woa, what a dramatic episode! The episode of 7th February in Mahabharat starts with Karna recognizing the disguised Arjun. Duryodhan and Shakuni hear the name of Arjun from Karna’s lips. The trio Duryodhan-Shakuni-Dushashan now realizes that the Brahman yuva who won the swayamvar of Draupadi was Arjun and nobody else.

Mahabharat Arjun Weds Draupadi Mahabharat 7th February Update: Arjun Weds Draupadi

The cruel mama then plans it out in his mind. Well, he plans to kill Arjun by trying to evoke other princes present in the premises. He is successful and one by one all the princes are against him who forays to kill him. The reason, Shakuni provokes them by saying, “ If today this rajkumari is marrying a Brahman then tomorrow all the princes of kshatriya clan will marry Brahmans only. Then where will the kshtriya guys go

However, as soon as they try to come closer, Bhim places a huge beam which results in a big crack on the ground almost compelling the princes to go as back as they can. The scene is really interesting and the fear on the face of Duryodhan and Shakuni is worth a watch. Next, the Brahman who brought the Pandavas to the venue, challenges Gandhar raja to fight with them in a funny mocking way.

Provisions are then made for Draupadi to go along with Arjun. Krishna announces to arrange a rath for Arjun. However, he denies saying that he would rather walk.

In the coming week, we will see how Draupadi becomes the wife of all the other four brothers as well….

By: Deepti Verma

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