The marriage between Bheem and the demon Hidimba seems to be an odd, yet acceptable read in the Mahabharat. However, the Star Plus version added a few 21st Century North Indian rituals to it- making the whole affair all the more strange.

The Book Version of Mahabharat

As the sun sets and darkness covers the dense forest, out comes a horrific rakshasa. His canines are sharp and so are his nails. He jumps with his bright red eyes, in a chivalrous mood as he sniffs the air. He is Hidimb, the king rakshasa of the jungle.

“My beloved sister, I have a task for you.” He calls and, then comes an equally monstrous rakshasi who is Hidimba.

“What can I do for you, my brother?” Hidimba asks her brother to which he replies, “Do you smell the delicious aroma of humans?

“Yes and I feel as hungry as you do”, she replies and then the monstrous rakshasi goes in following the aroma of humans. As she moves in closer, she sees four men and a women sleeping on the ground. Moving her eyes, here and there, she then sees a brawny man who is standing at the edge protecting the family. This man is not only very strong but also very attractive. It is love at the sight for Hidimbi who at that instant, falls in love with the person who is none other than Bheem.

kunti and hidamba Mahabharat on TV: The Strange Marriage of Bheem and Hidimba

Hidimba seeks to persuade Kunti to allow her to marry her son, Bheem

She then transforms herself in a beautiful girl to lure Bheem, not for her hunger for humans but for her love towards him. Bheem, at once, is attracted to her when she sees this beautiful lady amidst the forest.

Hidimba then tells him about her brother and request him to move away as she loves Bheem and wants to marry him. Bheem, however, says, he isn’t afraid of the rakshasa and plans to have a fight in order to save him and his family. While Bheem goes to fight, Hidimba disguised as a human protects the four brothers and their mother. This is how Bheem and Hidimba get to know each other. Later, Bheem is compelled to marry her as he defeats and kills the rakshasa king, unknowingly making himself the next heir of the vacant position and also the husband of the earlier king’s sister.

Meanwhile, in the New Mahabharat…

The new Mahabharat, however has a different tale to tell about the meeting. Although, the fight sequence between Hidimb and Bheem is something quite remarkable, the scene that is more intriguing is the wedding of the two – a strange marriage between a man and a devil. Oh yes, whether it is Ramayana or Mahabharat, we have marriages between a man and a devil woman. In Ramayana we saw how a brahmana married a rakshasa who later gave birth to Ravana. And here in Mahabharat, we saw Hidimba marrying our strong Bheem.

The marriage scene of Hidimba-Bheem was quite interesting as telecasted in the new Mahabharat. Here, Hidimba requests Kunti to let her marry Bheem and have a kid, so that the kid becomes the king aka Bhupati of the rakshasa clan. She also ensures that she would make sure that her son turns out to be someone like Bhibhishan and not, Ravana. Seeing Hidimba’s pure love Kunti then agrees.

The whole rakshasa clan is in mood for celebration and Hidimba and Bheem are dressed up for the wedding in rakshasa style. The attire is rather strange yet remarkable, after all the king and queen of the rakshasas are getting married. While, the strange rituals of the rakshasa priest are understood, the concept of “jai-maal” looked like it was adopted from the North Indian wedding style.Yes, the makers actually showed us the scene where the bride’s side lifted her up so that the tall Bheem cannot place the garland. It truly reminded me of my cousin’s wedding. Overall, the marriage was something which I would say paisa vasool for the public. Let’s see how dramatic Draupad’s swayamvar is, in the coming week.

By Deepti Verma

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