Shakuni plays his wicked plan, manipulates Dhritarashtr and he no wonder blackmails Bhishm emotionally to be towards him till he remains king

The witty Shakuni is at his notorious best in Mahabharat. Filling Dhritarashtr’s ears he tells no matter what he decides, he has to make sure that he controls Bhishm so that in future Bhishm is always with them and not with the Pandavas. Soon, it is announced Bhishm wants to meet the King. Bhishm enters. Dhritarashtr immediately starts his drama. He asks forgiveness for all the wrong things he has done. Bhishm consoles him and tells him that it is the time to separate the Kuru clan into Kauravas and Pandavas and give the 5 brothers a separate place.

Mahabharat Dhritarashtr Shakuni Mahabharat: Bhishm Agrees to serve Dhritarashtr

On the other hand at another place, we see Vidur talking with Pandavas and explaining the term “Attinyaya” which in normal term means, to keep the wicked calm the wise take some decision that might hurt the good ones.

In the other conversion, Bhishm tells Dhritarashtr that he has done lot of struggle in his entire lifetime to make sure that Hastinapur is safe but now is the time to relax and so he will move out of Hastinapur and stay rest of his life with Pandavas. Dhristrashtr requests Pitama not do any such thing as he will become an orphan without him.

This is actually a drama because he knows if Bhishm is with Pandavas they will become very strong and powerful and Kauravas will be at big loss. So, he tries to manipulate Bhism by playing an emotional game.

When Bhishm continues to stand by what he had said earlier, Dhritarashtr becomes adamant saying he would then not give anything to Pandavas. Clever Dhritarashtr or should I say Shakuni who had already told the king what should be his next step. Poor Bhishm gets into this planned trap and finally agrees to help Dhritrashtr till he remains king…

By: Deepti Verma

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