Draupadi meets Bhishm and validates her marriage. She convinces him that her marriage is within the boundaries of Dharma

Hardly a day after entering the Palace of Hastinapur in Mahabharat, Draupadi has taken the guns in her hand. While Bhishm is annoyed on Pandava’s marriage with Draupadi calling it adharma, the beauty with brains explains him how it is dharma, and not adharma. She even goes ahead by saying his behavior of not accepting this marriage might be adharma.

Draupadi Mahabharat: Draupadi convinces Bhishm

The smart Draupadi yet again uses Surya Bhagwan to her rescue. She tells “Surya Bhagwan please do not take my offerings if whatever I have done is adharm.” As expected Surya Bhagwan accepts her offering. Now this offering was not accepted when Bhishm was offering it a few minutes back – making it clear that whatever Draupadi and Pandavas did, comes under the boundary of dharm. In addition, it also conveys that the act of Bhishm of not accepting a marriage under dharm is adharm.

Though Bhishm looks convinced he still not gives her any aashirvad when she bows down and touches his feet. After already facing the major blow of marrying 5 men together, she is now seen trying to convince others. Can’t Bhishm Pitama see what the woman is facing already?

If that was not less, Duryodhan calls her Durachari- Characterless in front of everybody sitting in the sabha. He mentions that if a woman have relationship with 5 men at a same time, she is ought to be declared as Durachari. And going by the thoughts of Aryavrat, Draupadi will be labeled as Durachari by everyone in the coming days.

Everybody is mum though I see Arjun and Bheem fuming with anger. Let’s see if they stand for Draupadi or continue standing like a fuming statue.

By: Deepti Verma

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