In the grand Swayamvar of Draupadi, the new Mahabharat had an altogether different tale to tell. Here, Karna participates on behalf of Duryodhana to win Draupadi for him

Welcome to the Kampilya province in Mahabharat for the grand Swayamvar of Rajkumari Draupadi. While, the Kings and Princes are seated ready to lay their hands at the bow, here enters Draupadi in a grand style. The scene for a moment took me to the opening ceremony of World Cup where celebrities enter in an equally pompous style.

Draupadi Swayamvar1 Mahabharat Daily Review: The Swayamvar of Draupadi

Everybody’s eyes pops out for Draupadi’s beauty including the younger brother of Duryodhan. However, Ang Raj Karna reminds Dushashan not to eye her because if Duryodhan wins, she would be like a mother figure to him. The fun begins when all the kings and princes try their hand at the competition struggling to lift the bow and fail miserably. Here Drupad says only Arjun can win the competition. However, Krishna interrupts him saying even Karna has the capability.

Next, yuvraj Duryodhan is called for his turn. However, Duryodhan pronounces that instead of him his friend Karna will participate. Aha, it seems that proxy was a trend in those days too, interesting! But, as soon as Karna goes near the bow he is interrupted by Draupadi’s brother Dhrishtadyumna who states “Proxy isn’t a trend of Panchal”. Feeling insulted Karna is compelled to go but Duryodhana claims that Karna won’t participate on his behalf but for himself and so if he is through, he will marry Drupad’s daughter Draupadi as per the rules. Hearing this, Krishna gives green signal but the face of Draupadi and her father Drupad goes red in fear.

Although, the new Mahabharat Series is trying to be different in its own way, the show is contradicting the basic story. Going by the mythology, Duryodhan was defeated in this competition and so Karna advanced since he could easily win the competition. In addition, it wasn’t Drishtadyumna who interrupted Karna but Draupadi herself who declared that she wouldn’t put varmala in a sutr putra’s neck.

While, the original Draupadi’s Swayamvar was only of 20 minutes, the makers of new series couldn’t finish it even in three episodes. Let’s see, whether Arjun finally comes at the scene tomorrow or whether the swayamvar drags for another three days..

By: Deepti Verma

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