The writer’s imagination in the New Mahabharat of Star Plus continues to dismay us with every other episode

The writer’s imagination in the New Mahabharat of Star Plus continues to dismay us with every other episode. Every weekday when we switch to Star Plus on the TV at 8.30 pm, we are endowed with certain created stories that are not only hard to digest but completely off track.

With lot of misrepresentations, gross in-appropriations and factual errors, Swastik Pictures give us a modernized version of Mahabharat where Arjun plays a hero, Duryodhan the Villian, Krishna the Godfather and important protagonists like Bhishm as well as Yudhishtr are pitted against them with roles of side actors.

Arjun Mahabharat Why The New Mahabharat Only Infuriates Us?

Another wonderful nonsense is the time dedication to each slot. While, there are 4 episodes dedicated to Draupadi’s swayamvar, there is not even a single second with respect to other marriages of Arjun with the naga princess Uloopi and the Manipur princess Chitrangada. Oh yes, the Tv serial smartly chooses to ignore them.

Besides, Dhritrashtr is shown as a complete nit-wit here. After Subhadra elopes with Arjun, he declares a war against Yadavas. Oh come on, somebody please tell the modern Dhritrashtr that Yadavas were very powerful, similar to what the Americans are in the current scenario. Nobody had the courage, power or guts to even declare a war against the Yadavas, let alone fighting a battle. However, there was an exception – the great king of Magadh, Jarasandh. Still, no matter how many times he went on a war against the Yadava army he was royally defeated. So, showing the blind king challenging Balram was quite hilarious for the audiences and also a shame to the writer of the original Mahabharat.

Ok, agreed, many writers have written their version of Mahabharat in the past and Swastik Pictures too is trying to do the same. But isn’t it necessary to concentrate on logic, permutations and combinations before jumping on the gun to trigger the shot in the form of a factually incorrect screenplay?

Sisupala is shown as a villain in the serial. However, they miss the fact that he was one such character in Mahabharat who was not that evil but had only adopted his adopted father Jarasandh’s hatred towards Krishna. In addition, all his positive attributes are given a miss just like how the anti-Modi group generally loves to ignore Modi’s progressive mind and concentrate only on his Hindutva ideologies, thereby declaring him anti-secular.

An epic failure, the new Mahabharat every day, during its course of half an hour only bestows us with the following:

  • Ghastly acting,
  • weird dialogues,
  • moronic interpretation and
  • alteration of the original text.

A 100 crore serial must look good, isn’t it? However, there isn’t much of a difference with the dhoti and mukuts as compared to 80s Mahabharat. Well, the only difference in terms of looks is that the men here are more “buffy” while the women possess a well toned midriff.

There is nothing actually to watch in the new Mahabharat besides incorrect data, imaginary plots , distorted sequences and poor performances. If only the makers would concentrate more on accentuating the facts rather than twisting them as per their own convenience….

draupadi mahabharat star plus 2 Why The New Mahabharat Only Infuriates Us?

By Aashish Verma

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