Besides, being a great warrior and a ‘Daanveer’, was Karna also a reformer as show in Sony TV serial?

Mahabharat’s Karna had many feather to his hat. He was not just a great warrior but a Maharathi who could conquer all kings in almost all the directions of the world to make Duryodhana the Emperor of the world for the Vaishnava sacrifice. In addition, besides being a warrior he was known for his charity. No wonder, he possessed a heart of gold and therefore is often quoted as Daanveer Karna.

gautam rode karn sony tv Karna Was a Reformer?

However, Swastik Pictures’ in the serial Suryaputra Karn is also trying to show one more quality of Karna that we are not aware of. Well, according to the serial Karna seems to be a reformer – who is eager to change the norms of the society. What’s more, he is portrayed like a messiah of the Sut community.

Was Karn Really a Reformer?

Karna is a favorite character from Mahabharat. Interestingly, I have read many books, yet,  I never came across a character as tragic as Karna. Throughout his life he had to fight for his self-esteem and had to constantly battle it out to prove his worth. Undoubtedly, he was a great warrior and of course a Daanver which we can never witness in real life. But, that surely doesn’t make him a reformer as shown in the serial.

karna mahabharat Karna Was a Reformer?

The battle was always ‘his’ and not for the community in which he was brought up.  It was never for ‘suts rights’ but it was always for ‘Though I’m a sut, I deserve no insult because I as an individual is more competent than you as a Kshatriya maybe’. That doesn’t make Karn a selfish person but it shows that though he was a ‘nice’ guy, he was not a reformer in any way.

Karna Had No Traits of a Reformer but that of a Great Warrior

If by any chance, Karn would have been a reformer, he would object his coronation as Angraj from a sut’s kid. Instead, he would have thanked Duryodhan and could find an alternative solution. If he would have been a reformer, he would have changed the conditions of sut and we would have known too. What’s more, in such a situation, he would have never taken his revenge on Draupadi during the vastra haran only because she addressed him as a sutputra and refused to marry him because of his background. A reformer would have simply forgiven her for her wrong words.

shalya karna mahabharat Karna Was a Reformer?

A reformer’s life, objectives and behavior is quite different. None of Karna’s doings have any relation with a reformer. He was in fact a true Kshatriya. If he wanted to change the norms of the society, nobody’s insult would have ever bothered him. We know how reformers were. Think about Gautam Buddha and you’ll know what I’m trying to project.

This is the beauty of Mahabharat, none of the character was flawless – Almost all the protagonists did mistakes which were unforgivable. Then whether it was Bhishma, Kunti, Arjun, Yudhishtir, Draupadi or even Lord Krishna, each of these individuals had flaws and every person committed some or the other gaffes which he/she shouldn’t have done.

karna great archer Karna Was a Reformer?

Coming back to Karn, it is rather very amusing to see Suryaputra Karn as a reformer in the Sony TV serial. God only knows what the writer is up to. In an attempt to glorify the character, the makers are actually making fun of the most esteemed character!

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