In what we would say the biggest blunder in Mahabharat, Kunti in today’s episode of Mahabharat unknowingly tell Pandavas to share their prasad, “Draupadi”

The Pandava brothers reach their small hut along with Draupadi in Mahabharat. No sooner than they reach, Arjun happily informs Kunti that they have received Prasad. Kunti whose eyes are closed as she is busy praying announces that whatever Prasad Arjun have received should be shared among the five brothers equally.

mahabharat kunti fb Mahabharat 10th February Update: Kunti Speaks

The Pandavas are astonished and Draupadi is in shock. Kunti after opening her eyes realizes her mistake. Yudhishtr is seen giving her lecture on Kunti’s skill of ordering things without seeing. Kunti asks forgiveness. Meanwhile, Draupadi runs off from the scene. Well, she is seen sitting near the river bank, Maata Kunti searching for her reaches this spot and convinces Draupadi that she will take her order back and will even request her sons to follow what she plans now.

On the other hand, the five brothers are shown in dismay with song running in background. Looks like, the audiences are watching an old Hindi movie. Here, comes Kunti who urges Arjun to marry Draupadi. Arjun is reluctant but Yudhishtr interferes and Bhim reveals their plan. So, according to their plan, Arjun will marry Draupadi and the remaining four will become sanyasis. Now, Kunti is shocked. So many shock factors in a single episode, Phew! No wonder even I was shock to see good acting for a change from Pandavas and their mother. Still, I must say Kunti is full of over acting.

Hearing about his brother becoming sanyasis, Arjun then comes near Drupadi who is still sitting on the river bank. Seeing him, she asks about the latest verdict. Arjun tries to explain Draupadi citing examples and talking about fate, eventually asking Draupadi if she could marry his elder brother Yudhishtr instead of him. Draupadi once again seems to be in shock.

By: Deepti Verma

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