In the coronation episode of Mahabharat, Yudhishtr asks Khandavprastha for Pandavas – The land which is cursed by Lord Indra and is full of poisonous snakes

Dhritarashtr in the new Mahabharat seems to be in bliss after Bhishm confirms that he will always be with him as a servant till he is the king of Hastinapur. Bhishm then reminds the king that it is time to crown Yudhishtr as a king. Though it annoys Dhritarashtr, he hides it immediately.

Later in the Hastinapur Sabha, all are waiting for Yudhistr’s rajya abhishek. Pandavas and Draupadi arrive. Duryodhan is very angry but Shakuni tells him to control his anger and pretend that he is happy. He wows that if team Yudhishtr gets a place near the banks of Ganga he will never let them live peacefully.

Mahabharat Pandavas Mahabharat: Pandavas get Khandavprastha

Vidur tells Yudhistr to put his claim in front of the king. He respectfully bows in front of the king so that his coronation starts. Dhritarashtr then asks which part of the Kuru area he would like to have. To which he replies Khandavprastha. Duryodhan and Shakuni both seem to be happy. However, Bhishm is worried because the place has been cursed by Indra and so the entire area has dried up. He even says that the jungles are full of snakes and these serpents are very dangerous without forgetting to mention about their leader Takshak.

But, Yudhishtr assures that with his (Bhishm’s) aashirwad they will be able to survive even on the cursed land. The King grants Yudhishtr 1,00,000 cows and 1,00,000 gold coins to perform puja and says whoever wants to go to Khandavprastha can go with the Pandavas.

Dhritarashtra reminds Yudhistr of the Aryavat tradition that he won’t be considered as a king until 100 kings or more accept him as a king. Later Kripacharya starts the rajya abhishek, following which Yudhishtr says that he will always remember that Hastinapur is his home.

At the end moment, Dhristarashta throws a bomb by saying Kunti will stay back in Hastinapur

By: Deepti Verma

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