If Yudhishtr takes sanyas, Duryodhan will become king and bring adharma says Ved Vyas and convinces Kunti and Pandavas that they cannot take sanyas…

Now that Drupad took Draupadi back to Kampilya, she is restless in the new Mahabharat of Star Plus. While, Drupad calls off the wedding, Draupadi tells Shikandini that the Brahmans were none other than Rajkumar Arjun and his brothers. Shikandini advices Draupadi not to bother about Pandavas as they stoop to such a low level.

mahabharat kunti fb Mahabharat 12th February update: Pandavas ready to marry Draupadi?

Meanwhile in the forest, Ved Vyas  questions Yudhishtr that if he takes sanyas, then who will rule Hastinapur? To this, Kunti replies that they aren’t ambitious about the throne. However Ved Vyas makes them understand that if any of the two elder brother either Yudhishtr or Bhim takes sanyas, Duryodhan is ought to rule Hastinapur and if he rules, there will be only adharma and no dharma. On the same side he even tries to tell Pandavas how it is crucial for the rest of the 4 brothers to support Yudhishtr as king instead of taking sanyas. Moral – Ved Vyas convinces Kunti and her 5 sons that marriage of 5 brothers with Draupadi is the only solution unlike taking sanyas. Emphasing on the fact that – Taking sanyas would make them selfish as it would mean that they are thinking only of themselves and not of Hastinapur’s people.

Next, Kunti and Pandavas head to Kampilya. As soon as King Drupad sees them he calls upon his son to fight against the Brahmans. They arrange the army and prounounce that there is no harm in killing adharmi Brahmans.

Drupad is all set and his first arrow falls right at the foot of Pandavas. When he is about to go for the next, Krishna comes and discloses the fact to Drupad that the Brahmans are none other than Arjun and his brothers – The same Arjun to whom he wished to marry his daughter, Draupadi.

By: Deepti Verma

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