A rare story about Shani Dev and Mahadev

Shani Dev is one of the most feared Gods. The moment he sees you, you are burdened with hardships. Yes, that’s the impact of Shani Dev. Interestingly, not just humans even Gods feared the impact of Shani dev including the Tridev – Brahman, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Here is an interesting story of how Shani Dev even scared Mahadev once as retold by Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman serial:

Narad Informed Mahadev about Shani Dev Looking For Him

Once, Narad came to Kailash to inform about Shani Dev’s arrival. He told Mahadev about Shani Dev’s intention to cast his eyes on him. A curious Mahadev wondered why Narad is saying so. No wonder, Shani Dev is Mahadev’s own pupil and a pupil would never try to harm his teacher in anyway. However, Narad confirmed that Shani Dev himself told him about it.

narad muni Mahadev Too Feared Shani Dev!

Now, since, Mahadev too could not escape from Shani Dev’s effect, he decided to leave Kailash and stay on earth in disguise.

Mahadev Disguised Himself as a Baby Elephant

In order to escape from Shani dev ‘s glance, Mahadev wondered where should be hide. He then decided to disguise himself in another form. Next, he saw a troupe of elephant passing by. Immediately, he thought of becoming an elephant. Mahadev became an elephant and started walking along with the troupe.

mahadev sony tv Mahadev Too Feared Shani Dev!

However, now that he became an elephant, soon he started getting the hunger pangs. The area nearby had no trees with fruits that Mahadev could eat. He became restless but he couldn’t shed his elephant body as he didn’t want Shani Dev to see him anyhow. So, when he saw the elephants eating grass, he too decided to eat it. Yes, the fear of Shani Dev casting his evil eye on Mahadev made him eat grass too.

He was Then Chased by Hunters

The hunters are mesmerized seeing a strange elephant in the forest. They run after him to catch. However, Mahadev somehow escapes from their glance and they go hunting in the other direction. A relieved Mahadev then sees a cave and decides to hide in the cave until sunset so that Shani Dev doesn’t see him in any circumstance.

sankat mochan mahabali hanumaan Mahadev Too Feared Shani Dev!

However, the condition of cave is such that Mahadev feels uncomfortable. After spending some time he finally decides to move out of the cave. The moment he comes out of the cave, a man follows him. Mahadev in the form of an elephant rushes in order to escape from the clutches of the man.

Mahadev Runs and Reaches a Cliff

In order to escape from the human, Mahadev decides to run fast. However, he runs very fast and reaches the end point of a cliff where he is about to fall but somehow gains his momentum to stop right at the edge. The man then questions the elephant, meanwhile, the sun sets and a relaxed Mahadev returns to his abode in Kailash.

shankar bhagwan Mahadev Too Feared Shani Dev!

Nobody Can Escape Shani Dev’s Wrath Not Even Mahadev

A proud Mahadev then tells how he bought everything bravely in order to escape from Shani Dev’s effect and even narrates his story to Parvati, Nandi and Narad Muni. However, Narad Muni replies that Mahadev is seriously under some illusion. No wonder, it was only because of Shani Dev’s effect that even Mahadev had to suffer from so many hardships.

shani dev wallpaper Mahadev Too Feared Shani Dev!

The moral being, one should never run away from problems. Instead, face the problems brave heartedly.

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