Maham Anga is all set to pour fuel to ignite fire by giving false data to Akbar. Will she be successful in her cruel task  or Akbar will trust Jodha?

Maham Anga is one such character of Jodha Akbar who is a constant bother to the otherwise very good, humble and bechari Jodha. While, the Rajput princess always try her best to help her Mughal family, she is often opposed by the members of the Mughal family in turns. Sometimes Ruqaiya Begum Sultan and mostly the maha makkar Maham Anga.

Maham Anga Jodha Akbar Maham Anga Pours Fuel to Ignite Fire in Jodha Akbar

She is one such pain in the life of Jodha who doesn’t give her any chance to breathe properly and so when Jodha in yesterday’s episode (March  18th ) goes to meet her cousin brother Sujamal in the dark night, she like a khusat budhiya follows her. Not only she hears the convesation but even comes back and gives all the false data to Akbar that Jodha in the middle of the night went to meet a man with whom she had a relation in Amer. While Akbar is reluctant to fall prey to her tactics, there is a certain curiosity in him to know the truth behind Maham Anga’s words.

Of course Jodha cannot tell him the truth and has to hide the fact that she went to meet Sujamal. This means that despite the trust of Akbar in Jodha he will feel that Jodha is being unfaithful to him. Just like the movie Jodha Akbar, the serial will too create a big understanding between the two – Jodha and Akbar, and yet again we will have to sit and wait when will it get over

By: Deepti Verma

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