Maham Anga has been at her notorious best from day 1. However will she be caught this time?

Maham Anga is one such personality of Zee TV Jodha Akbar who continues to be happy all the time. Full of conspiracies, stratagem and plans, the lady somehow or the other triumphs at every move she makes – no matter how big or small it is.

the filmy angle of villian hero well wisher in jodha akbar Maham Anga, the Mastermind of Conspiracies   What Is She Up To Now?

Maham Anga, The Conspirator

Ever since the show has begun, Maham seems to be planning against who ever comes in her way – Whether it is Rajput family of Amer, Jodha Begum, Ruqaiya Sultan Begum, Salima  Begum, generals, officers or even Mariam – Makani, Hameida Begum. Never ever she was caught in her misdeeds.

Forget getting caught, with every plan she became more closer to Akbar and  in the process even killed some of the greatest generals of Akbar including Bairam Khan. Perhaps that is why this phase of history where Maham had good amount of influence on Akbar is called as “Petticoat Government.”

Jodha Akbar Actors Chetan HansrajAshwini KalsekarRajat TokasParidhi Sharma Maham Anga, the Mastermind of Conspiracies   What Is She Up To Now?

What Maham is up to now?

All her plans though are not surprising comes with lot of suspense. This time too there is a suspense. I only wonder where in the jungle she goes on a daily basis. Besides, whose baby has she kidnapped? Is it a way to add masala to this historical drama or is this time the show really has a major twist?

Will Maham Anga be caught this time?

Now that Hameida Begum, Jalal’s real mother has seen what Maham is upto and even Atgah Khan has information about Maham Anga’s wrong doings, will she be caught red-handed this time? Or will again her lady luck shine bright on her face – rescuing her from the whole mess one more time?

By: Deepti Verma

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